Where we come from.

Over a century ago, in a small workshop in Konstanz, the master hairdresser Josef Wilhelm Rausch developed a hair tonic made from herbal extracts. J. W. Rausch was passionate about researching effective, beneficial cosmetic products – and we have stayed true to this legacy for 130 years. From the very start, we have focused on creating exclusive herbal extracts that are high-quality, safe and sustainable. We have been dedicated to this combined passion for true beauty and natural efficacy since the beginning, and will remain so in the future.

What we stand for.

We believe that beautiful, healthy hair starts at the roots. Our products contain a high proportion of natural herbal substances, extracted using our gentle in-house methods. Whether from flowers, leaves, bark, roots or whole plants, all of our herbs are grown under controlled conditions, harvested by hand and processed into pure extracts. That is how we guarantee the lasting, gentle effectiveness of our products. The result is a comprehensive hair care system that uses the power of herbs to promote healthy hair from the roots to the ends.

What makes us so special.

Over 130 years of experience working with herbs has taught us how to perfect their secret powers and make them as effective as possible in enhancing your natural beauty. To achieve this, we unite centuries-old herbal wisdom handed down from monks with the latest scientific methods and cutting-edge technology.

Our products are developed by renowned experts with a passion for intensive research and development. When it comes to selecting the right ingredients, we adhere to the highest quality standards. Both raw materials and end products are continuously subjected to thorough monitoring and dermatological tests. This guarantees unrivalled high quality and products that are natural, safe and effective.

The efficacy of new products is also tested in independent scientific studies. We are continually perfecting our recipes, which have been refined over the course of decades, and we are always looking for even better solutions. We have never used animal testing. At RAUSCH, the efficacy and tolerability of our hair and body care products is only ever tested on voluntary test subjects.

What matters to us.

As a Swiss family company with over 130 years of history, we pass our knowledge of the secrets held by herbs and plants down from generation to generation. Like our corporate culture, the way we approach the environment is based on trust, respect and appreciation. We are also aware of the responsibility that comes with this, however.

The knowledge that in addition to making use of nature, we also need to protect it, is at the heart of our principles. Sustainability affects us all. And while we are not yet perfect, we are continually working to improve. We care about making our products as sustainable as possible and actively contributing to environmental protection. This means we work with regional suppliers and service providers wherever possible in order to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum across the whole value chain.

Our original-size shampoo bottles have been made from recycled PET since 2021. The conditioner tubes are made from 100% PE mono-material. We are offering a refill system for our hairsprays in order to reduce plastic waste. And in an effort to increase biodiversity at the local level, we have created a home for numerous insects in our herb garden, which has been left in its natural state.