Our history makes us who we are today.

The master hairdresser Josef Wilhelm Rausch (1868–1935) founded the company RAUSCH in 1890 and brought the world’s first liquid shampoo ‘Champooing’ onto the market. Since then, RAUSCH has been a byword for highly effective and exclusive herbal extracts, top quality, sustainability and safe-to-use products.

Die Firmengeschichte

Josef Baumann-Widmer (1902–1978) acquired the small cosmetics factory in 1949 and worked hard to expand it. In 1968, he received support in the office and in the field from his son Marco Baumann, who had helped with harvesting the herbs and with production since he was a child. ‘I have wonderful memories of it. Chamomile, horsetail, ribwort plantain, mallow, sage – these plants are my life,’ reminisces the ambitious and knowledgeable entrepreneur, who went to 7,000 hairdressers and every pharmacy and drugstore in Switzerland to present his herbal products. His son Lucas Baumann ran the cosmetics company – in its fourth management generation – from 2016 to 2020. Today, RAUSCH is still owner-controlled but run by the management team. CEO Sandra Banholzer has been responsible for the cosmetic company’s operational management and its 169 employees since 2021.


RAUSCH uses 87 herbs and plant-based ingredients in the form of extracts, tinctures and oils. They obtain 43 of these extracts themselves according to the most gentle methods. The family business unites centuries-old herbal wisdom handed down from monks with the latest scientific methods and cutting-edge technology. Both raw materials and end products are continuously subjected to thorough monitoring and dermatological tests. This guarantees customers the unparalleled quality of RAUSCH in the form of safe-to-use, natural products that offer mild care and lasting effectiveness.

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2021 - today
2021 Sandra Banholzer becomes the new CEO of RAUSCH AG KREUZLINGEN on 1 July 2021.
2015 - 2020
2020 New generation of owners, and changes to the Board of Directors. The two brothers Lucas Baumann and Tom Baumann will take over from their father as the majority shareholders of RAUSCH AG KREUZLINGEN. Lucas Baumann has decided to take on a new challenge in his career and is handing over his position as CEO. Although the family business will now be run by the management team, it will continue to be owner-controlled by the three shareholders Marco Baumann, Lucas Baumann and Tom Baumann.
2016 Lucas Baumann becomes CEO in august 2016. Marco Baumann remains Chairman of the Board and will maintain the excellent contact with the exportpartners.
2015 125 Year of Competence and Passion in the Service of Beauty. jubilee year brand relaunch.
2009 - 2014
2013 For the tenth successive time, RAUSCH is voted Best Pharmacy Partner in Germany in the category hair care.
2012 Lucas Baumann joined his father’s company in 2012 and assumes the management of Marketing and Communication.
2010 RAUSCH celebrates 120 years of success.
2009 RAUSCH gives its hair care line a new face. In future you can tell at a glance which products fulfil which needs.
2009 - 2014
1998 - 2008
1998 - 2008
2008 Introduction of the revolutionary oil care line with special tropical oils for extremely dry, sensitive and chapped skin.

RAUSCH receives its ISO9001:2008 certification.
2007 Export to China, Japan, Turkey and Hungary
2006 Marco Baumann takes over as sole owner of RAUSCH AG KREUZLINGEN.
2005 Export to Kuwait. RAUSCH employs 150 personnel.
2000 110 years RAUSCH and export to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
1998 Product re-launch of the holistic RAUSCH Herbal Hair Care System.
1982 - 1997
1995 RAUSCH receives its ISO 9001 certification and employs 100 employees.
1990 RAUSCH celebrates 100 years.
1986 First race with solar vehicles in Switzerland. RAUSCH is sponsor from the beginning. RAUSCH is the fifth company in Switzerland to work with an ecological balance sheet.
1983 RAUSCH launches the Herbaderm Body Care line - special body care for sensitive and sophisticated skin.
1982 - 1997
1972 - 1981
1972 - 1981
1975 On 01.01. Josef Baumann hands over the company to his sons Marco and Dr J. Alexander Baumann. The company becomes a corporation. On September 9th RAUSCH moves into new premises in the renovated shoe factory at Bärenstrasse 12 in Kreuzlingen..

1953 - 1971
1971 RAUSCH exports to Austria (drugstores, pharmacies and perfumeries).
1968 Marco Baumann joins the company to support his father in office and field service. He travels all over Switzerland.
1955 Launching the first «Herbal Hair Pack» in Switzerland with 20% pure natural horsetail extract. Successfully known today as RAUSCH Wheatgerm NOURISHING PACK.
1953 - 1971
1936 - 1952
1936 - 1952
1951 The first RAUSCH alkaline-free shampoo is launched on the market: RAUSCH Herbal Shampooing "EXALCALI" (pH 5.6).
1949 Josef Baumann-Widmer (1902-1978) purchases the company RAUSCH and employs 3 persons.
1920 - 1935
1935 J.W. Rausch dies on February 13th in Emmishofen.
1934 «Camillen-Shampooing» is loved by both young and old.
1925 «Nuna Elixier» is considered one of the best tooth waters of the time.
1920 The dry hair cleansing product «Asoka» becomes a favourite cosmetic.
1920 - 1935
1890 - 1919
1890 - 1919
1919 J.W. Rausch develops an antiseptic Camillen (chamomile)-Shampooing (pH 8.5) and a medicinal Tar Soap.
1900 J.W.Rausch (Emmishofen/Switzerland) develops the first liquid hair washing soap «Champooing». RAUSCH successfully produces the RAUSCH Hair Tincture to combat bald patches (Allopecia areata).
1890 The master hair-stylist Josef Wilhelm Rausch (1868 - 1935) founds the company RAUSCH. RAUSCH produces a hair tonic using herbal extracts. RAUSCH is purveyor to the court of His Royal Highness, Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern.