The people behind RAUSCH.

At RAUSCH, we employ people from 10 countries, some of whom have been wor-king with us for decades. As an independent Swiss family business, we are very proud of our natural products, our brand and our high quality standards.

We tackle challenges with a positive attitude and bring fresh, new ideas to the table. We learn from our mistakes and are constantly improving. And we do it all out of a passion for our unique herbal treasures and for our customers.

With over 130 years of history, RAUSCH undoubtedly benefits from the Baumann family’s intergenerational perspectives as the owners of the company. The family entrusts strategic decisions to the management team.


Sandra Banholzer
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cetin Katirci
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Marcel Lardi
Chief Production & Procurement Officer (CPPO)

Birgit Schäfer
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Barbara Banzhaf
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Dr. Katharina Alder
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Board of Directors

Peter Muri
President of the Board of Directors

Rolf Schmid
Delegate of the Board of Directors

Kurt Eberle
Member of the Board of Directors

Tom Baumann
Member of the Board of Directors

Denise Hauser
Member of the Board of Directors