The morning starts like any other. You get up, go into the kitchen for that first life-saving cup of coffee and sit down at the table still half asleep. However, it’s soon time for the first horror moment of the morning – the reflection in the mirror! But what on earth can you do when your hair does just what it wants?

Many women with straggly, oily hair often opt for the “pony tail” look. Alternatively, the “sleek look” is also very trendy at the moment and is easy to style. Here the hair is parted and brushed straight down and all it then needs is a bit of RAUSCH hairspray to finish off the look.

With stubborn, difficult-to-manage hair, we recommend a chic “chignon” style. The hair is simply gathered together with the individual strands tucked in at the bottom and everything is held in place with bobby pins. If you want a more casual look, let a few strands of hair come loose and fix the whole creation in place with RAUSCH hairspray.

With flat and lifeless hair it’s best to tease the hair forward. The top layer of hair is parted from the remainder of the hair and teased lightly from the bottom. If you have hair that rapidly falls apart, you can fix the entire hairdo in place with RAUSCH hairspray.