You know the story? It’s Monday morning, the sky is cloudy and last night wasn’t particularly restful because you ate far too much at a family dinner. You have a full week ahead of you and next weekend seems far too far away. The help you need today is the combined super powers of amaranth and chia!

Amaranth seeds are bursting with valuable nutrients and vital substances. The name “amaranth” comes from the Greek “amàranthos“ and means “immortal”, which already says a lot about this plant. Amaranth is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. The Incas and Aztecs planted this super grain over 3000 years ago. Incidentally, you can do that too: amaranth is easy to grow on your own balcony.

The grain is gluten-free. So, if you have problems with gluten tolerance you’ll love amaranth. It also has fewer carbohydrates than cereals and keeps you satisfied for longer. It supplies you with essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are extremely important for the body because the body can’t produce them itself, so needs to take them in via nutrition. Additionally amaranth contains all the important amino acids and a high percentage of protein, which makes it the ideal protein supplier for vegetarians and vegans. Unlike conventional cereals amaranth contains large amounts of lysine which ensures healthy bones and skin. Amaranth also contains large amounts of magnesium, calcium and iron. It is unbelievable what nature has packed into this little grain!

In the kitchen amaranth is popular because of its nutty taste, which suits so many different dishes: whether cooked as a side dish, in soups, rissoles, in salads or puffed in the morning and sprinkled over muesli! You can find amaranth in organic food stores, health food shops and selected supermarkets. And now at RAUSCH! Because amaranth doesn’t just benefit our bodies as a food!

The Chamomile-Amaranth Care Line veris an extension of one of our classics: Chamomile Shampoo. Now it has been enriched with extracts of amaranth and quillaja bark to make your hair even more beautiful The mild treatment allows even damaged hair to be rejuvenated and look shiny once more. The deep-conditioning treatment gives your hair more elasticity and smooths and strengthens the hair structure. A real treat for hair, for example, that has been severely stressed through frequent coloring.

So: off under the shower with you! Can you feel how every drop massages your scalp? Enjoy that feeling of coming alive. Lather just a little shampoo between your palms and allow it to spread through your hair. Feel how its silkiness softly pampers your scalp. A little bit like your favorite hairstylist. And the fragrant Amaranth REPAIR RINSE CONDITIONER which follows will put you in mind of a spa holiday!

Finally, don’t blow dry your hair too hot. For more volume always dry hair from the back to the front and breathe in the delicate fragrance that permeates through the bathroom. A few minutes later your hairstyle is done! It’s still Monday morning but at least you’ve conquered that potentially Bad-Hair day!

Now all you need is a tasty breakfast or Zmorge as we Swiss call the first meal of the day. We recommend you try nutrient-rich chia seeds! Did you know that chia comes from sage? Another herb which is super beneficial for your body and which you can find in our care products. Here you can find out more about the miracle herb sage.

The tiny chia seeds come from Central and Southern America and are currently to be found on the shelves of every health-conscious person. The Mayas regarded the chia seed as both a staple food and healing medicine. It has a high content of antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. That is why chia is considered one of the “super foods” because its nutritional composition is so much better than other foods.

Here is our recipe for a healthy and satisfying chia porridge.

    For one serving:
      1 t
    bsp coconut oil
    40 g rolled oats
    20 g chia seeds
    1 dl milk (e.g almond, rice or cow’s milk)
    1 tsp pure cocoa powder
    1 squirt of agave syrup
    ½ banana
    5 strawberries


Warm the coconut oil in a saucepan. Add the rolled oats and lightly roast until they change color slightly and smell pleasant. Add the chia seeds and briefly roast with rolled oats. Add milk and simmer gently for a few minutes stirring all the time. Stir in the cocoa powder and syrup. Remove from heat and stand aside. Slice banana and strawberries. Pour porridge into a bowl, distribute fruit over the top. Sprinkle with roasted chopped almonds if desires. Bon appetite!

Chia has a very positive effect on the blood sugar level by slowing down the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar. Hence energy is only slowly released in the body and the feeling of fullness lasts longer. That isn’t just positive for sports persons and diabetics but for all active people – no matter whether you have to be on top form at work, in school or at home.

Talking of parents: the following time-saving method is particularly good for new mums and dads: place all the ingredients listed above - apart from the fruit – in a preserving jar and stir well. Spread the fruit on the top, close the jar and place in the fridge.  The rolled oats and chia absorb the milk overnight and the next morning you have a ready-made breakfast. This is also a great alternative for commuters or students because you can just take the jar with you and eat on the way to work.

So now Monday morning doesn’t look too bad after all, does it? Have a great week!