Xerosis is not only a cosmetic problem: dry skin can become tight and itchy. Particularly in winter, when it is cold outside and more time is spent indoors in dry heated rooms, skin tends to become especially dry – above all after showering or bathing. The weather conditions leach oils from the skin making the protective layer porous. Natural moisture evaporates more easily and the skin becomes ever drier. Furthermore, there is less protection against impurities penetrating the skin, making it even more sensitive.

Relief from nature’s bounty

Simply showering with the OIL SHOWER CREAM from RAUSCH can provide relief. Vegetable tensides ensure an especially gentle cleansing and conditioning as you shower. As you apply the shower cream precious oils from the Amazon region create a fine, creamy lather. The combination of selected natural cold-pressed nut oils helps maintain the skin’s natural hydrolipid film. Macadamia oil coats the skin with a soft, ultra-light protective layer. Sweet almond oil regenerates the skin’s barrier and restores the skin’s elasticity. The sensual fragrance makes using this product a unique experience of well-being.

Nurturing care
After showering or bathing in the winter months it is worth pampering your body with a rich, moisturizing BODY CREAM or BODY OIL. RAUSCH’s unique BODY OIL is a veritable miracle for dry skin: it contains a high level of valuable, natural cold-pressed nut oils which provide protection against lipid loss. The natural active ingredients are anti-inflammatory and ensures a soft and supple skin. Brazil nut oil improves the skin barrier and reduces moisture loss. Theobromine and caffeine, found in cocoa extract, vitalize the skin. This deliciously fragrant oil also firms the connective tissues and is therefore suitable for treating stretch marks.

For those who prefer a cream, RAUSCH’s MOISTURIZING BODY BUTTER is the perfect solution. This supports the skin’s own protective properties. Oat milk soothes irritation and the finest Tahitian monoï butter conditions the skin to a supple, velvety softness.