As soon as the sun is shining outside there is only one thing we want to do: get out in the fresh air and enjoy life. Even the little ones leap out of bed earlier in the mornings and the weekends are so much more fun in the summertime.

Sunlight is essential

With all the critical discussions about sun and sun protection, we often forget how important sunlight is for us. It is crucial for our health! Our bodies use sunlight to produce vitamin D, which controls the essential processes in our bodies. Vitamin D is also very important for our immune system. That is why you need to go out as often as possible so the body can store up vitamin D for the colder months and can draw from this store in winter.

This doesn’t mean that you should sit in the blazing sun from sun-up to sun-down. You need to find a healthy balance. Consult a pharmacist about the right sun care for your skin type. More and more natural products are coming onto the market which have been produced without animal testing or damaging substances and which are environmentally friendly.

Tomatoes build up sun protection from the inside

You can also create a UV protective barrier from within: lycopene, an inherent substance in tomatoes, supplies natural sun protection. According to investigations 55 grams of tomatoes a day can increase the protective properties of the skin against the sun by 33%.

Because we tend to stay inside in the colder half of the year we need to consider that our skin needs to gradually get used to the sun. When you go to the outdoor pool for the first time or go on holiday, you need to protect your body more from sunburn by covering up with light clothes. Wear a light cotton shirt or drape a linen shawl around sensitive parts such as your neck and décolleté, and protect your head with a hat. Avoid direct sun between 11.00 and 16.00 and listen to your body. Can you feel that your thighs or calves are slightly burned? Treat your body to some shade – you’ll get brown there too and get a healthy complexion!

Babies need a hat in the sun

Protect babies and children particularly carefully! Their extremely sensitive skin should never be subjected to the dangers and pain of sunburn. Here too it is worth using natural or near-natural cosmetics. Get some advice from a specialist store. It is very important to cover your child’s body with material if they are going to spend longer in the sun. A hat is a must for their wee heads too, especially when they are playing for hours in the sand at the beach. Try to limit beach time to early mornings or late afternoons.

During the summer months make a habit of applying sunscreen to your child’s body every morning. Children can get burnt during the break at nursery or kindergarten. This morning ritual can ensure you and your family are protected for the day!

Watch the tourists

Talk to your child about the sun. Talk about the good it can do, but also about how it can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and sunburn. If you are in a holiday destination, go for a walk with your child. Watch the holiday makers and the locals. How do they behave towards the sun and which behavior makes sense in hot countries? And don’t forget children usually copy the behavioral patterns of their parents. If you yourself sit for hours in the burning sun in a tank top and without a hat, your child is probably not going to understand why he has to play in the shade and always wear a sunhat.

Should you get too much sun and you or your child gets sunburn then you need to leave the sun immediately in favor of a cool room or at least shade. Often you don’t notice sunburn until two or three hours later – so be especially vigilant with your time in the sun. Shower the area with cool water and cover them with cool wet towels. A little vinegar in the water promotes the cooling effect and helps heal the skin. Replace the towels once they are warm.

Chamomile tea helps for sunburn

You can get help directly from nature’s treasure trove: soak a cloth in cooled chamomile tea and lay it on the sunburn. Replace the cloths as they become warm. Chamomile is amazingly versatile. Read here for more about this incredible herb.

Another tip is to cool the area with yoghurt or quark (curd cheese). Spread the cool mass on a cloth and apply to the sunburn. Aloe vera also cools the skin. However, you should never use greasy or oily ointments as the skin is unable to dispel the warmth through the fatty layer.

From now on drink plenty of water and under no circumstances should you go out in the direct sun unprotected. It is better to spend a few days in the shade and let your sunburn heal.

If you have a fever and vomiting seek a doctor

With sun stroke it is important to drink plenty of water and have a good rest. Elevate the feet and torso to help the body stabilize its circulation. If vomiting starts, or headaches or fever then you should see a doctor – especially if it is your children who have the sun stroke.

Look after your hair

Not only our skin needs the right sun protection, our hair does too. It is also subjected to UV rays and sunlight which can damage the keratin structure of the hair. The result: it becomes brittle, dull, matt and hard to style. Grey hair can also turn slightly yellow.

That is why there are a few care products we recommend from RAUSCH especially formulated for those hours in the sun: Wheatgerm MOISTURIZING SPRAY CONDITIONER forms an invisible, oil-free, light protective layer (SPF 3-4) immediately after application. Special nano-particles cause the UV filter to spread evenly over the hair, and it is also waterproof. Wheatgerm MOISTURIZING SPRAY CONDITIONER protects against UVA and UVB rays and reduces aging of the hair.

Spray on either damp or dry hair before sunbathing. If the sun is very intense repeat several times. Your hair is protected without becoming oily and streaky. Wheatgerm MOISTURIZING SPRAY CONDITIONER is easy to use, simple and effective. Its proof of effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

A conditioning hair pack after sunbathing

After sunbathing you can pamper your hair with a conditioning hair pack. Simple massage well into dry or damp hair and allow to work in for about ten minutes. Another possibility: apply the pack before going to bed, cover your pillow with a soft towel and allow the conditioning substances to work in overnight.

If you are planning to go to the pool or the beach you can also apply the pack in the morning and allow it to work in during the day. That way you’re protecting your hair from the sun and from drying out, and after showering in the evening you’ll have wonderfully soft, conditioned and shiny hair. If you are planning to go swimming we recommend wearing a hat or scarf and try not to get your hair wet. With regard to salt water and chlorinated water: always wash hair with a mild shampoo after bathing so sea and chlorine don’t dry out your hair. Here too you need to use a rich hair pack. During the summer your hair simply needs more attention.

Great styles without hair-dryers and curling tongs

Your hair is already stressed from the sun so we recommend occasionally doing without a hair-dryer or curling tongs in the summer. The additional heat stresses your hair and there is a risk of it looking brittle and actually breaking. You can achieve a summery beach look without stressing your hair. Kneed a little Herbal STYLING MOUSSE Aerosol or Herbal STYLING MOUSSE Non Aerosol into your hair and let it air dry. Afterwards simply tousle briefly with your fingers.

Popular wet look for war summer days

With this modern wet look you’ll be uncomplicated and stylish: for short hair simply apply some Herbal STYLING GEL Strong or Herbal DESIGN GEL Ultra Strong to your wet hair, part hair on the side and comb back. When your hair dries it will shine beautifully and be perfectly styled for the hot summer days.

The wet look also works for long hair: you just have to watch that you only apply the gel to the front of the hair. From the back your hair still looks dry: you emphasize the features at the front. To do so simply apply some gel to damp hair, part hair low on the side and comb back. Fix with Herbal HAIRSPRAY Aerosol or Herbal HAIRSPRAY Non Aerosol and allow to dry. What is the bet that you will be the prettiest mermaid at dinner?

And so you don’t break a sweat: DEO SPRAY FRESH. Icelandic moss and sage are mild and especially well tolerated by demanding skin. The gently fresh fragrance, incidentally alcohol-free, gives freshness, well-being and confidence the whole day long.