Do you feel comfortable in your skin? It is not just this phrase, there are many sayings which play on the word “skin”. The skin is so central to human wellbeing and it accomplishes truly amazing things: it protects us from bacteria, injury, heat and much more. Without it we would be completely vulnerable. It is our largest organ and when things are going well for us we feel totally at home in our skin.

There are three types of skin

As different as we humans are, basically we can distinguish between dry, normal or oily skin. Sometimes, however, one person can have several skin types: the skin on the face, for example, could be oily but the rest of the body dry.

You can count yourself lucky if you have normal skin. Your skin is balanced, has hardly any spots, itchy areas or redness. You have few problems with weather and don’t react to wearing cosmetics. The balanced sebum production in normal skin ensures a well regulated oil and moisture supply. 

Tips for a healthy skin:

Probably you are doing most things right, you have good genes and are in good health. However, the skin changes constantly: with age, the seasons and hormone levels. With these few tricks you can ensure your skin stays healthy and prevent skin problems from arising.

  • Cleanse your skin daily: lukewarm water is adequate in the morning. In the evening you should definitely remove all traces of make-up. Use special lotions for eyes and lips and make sure you use mild products. Cleanse the rest of the face with pure coconut oil (available in organic health or food stores) or squalan oil. Apply a small amount to the face and spread with your palms. Carefully wash off with a warm face cloth. The fine film on the skin feels pleasant and for some is sufficient care in itself. Otherwise apply an appropriate cream or lotion.

  • If you have found a care product which agrees with you, stick with it. Constant change damages the skin.

  • Use products without damaging additives. Ask in specialist shops and take a good look at the products you have at home. What is in the products and what does it do to your skin? Changing over to natural alternatives is often a wise choice.

  • Once or twice a month treat yourself to a home-made scrub: for your face mix two spoons of sugar (white or fine brown) with some olive oil or coconut oil, massage gently and rinse off with warm water. For your body simply use the still warm coffee grounds from breakfast time. Mix these too with some olive or coconut oil. Massage your body from top to toe paying special attention to problem areas such as thighs, stomach and hips. Caffeine is meant to help break down fat cells.

  • Drink enough: the most important factor for healthy skin in moisture. Drink enough tap water – although opinions differ as to the ideal quantity. Listen to your body and start each morning with a big glass of lukewarm water with some fresh lemon juice. Don’t drink too much at mealtimes or directly following a meal, but drink plenty between mealtimes. You should drink so much that you never feel thirsty. Have a carafe of water at hand at work or at home and regularly drink a glass full. Avoid too much coffee, black tea, sodas and alcohol. Pure water is always the best option.

  • Eating a balanced diet also helps. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit and at every mealtime eat some of these raw. Avoid convenience food which are low in nutrients and limit your refined sugar intake.

  • Smoking and alcohol also have an adverse effect on the skin causing premature aging.

  • 20 to 30 minutes direct sunlight per day is good, but not during the midday heat. Afterwards it is better to stay in the shade and cover up with light clothes (light linen or cotton).

We trust in herbs

At RAUSCH we believe in an holistic body care. Based on traditional herbal competence and modern scientific know-how the high quality body care series from RAUSCH are close to nature, effective and extremely skin-tolerable. The products gently encourage the natural protective functions of the skin and help regenerate the physiological acid mantle.

Additionally all RAUSCH body care products feel wonderful on the skin and have a fine, subtle fragrance. To this end RAUSCH is very particular about only using high quality plant-based raw materials. That is why in all shower products exclusively herbal wash active substances (WAS) are used, which guarantee an especially mild and gentle cleansing. The source of success of these top quality care and pampering treatments is the countless herbs which are used in exactly the right combination and dosage.

What makes RAUSCH body care products so unique?

  • especially mild, rich in natural active ingredients
  • skin-friendly and safe
  • effective
  • dermatologically tested
  • free of animal testing
  • subtle, sensual fragrances

For normal skin we recommend our , 

which is perfectly tailored to the needs of normal skin, ensuring the skin’s balance is maintained. Protect yourself from damaging external influences and enjoy life with well-cared for and nourished skin.