There are many different types of hair loss: hair loss due to illness, stress or seasonal change. Seasonal hair loss is an irritating vestige of our evolution. Many of us simply shed our summer hair in preparation for the colder winter months. The result: it can happen that more hair is lost in fall. However, it is important to thoroughly analyze any occurrence of hair loss.

Glossy, thick hair exhudes vitality and good health. This makes it even worse when that crowning glory starts thinning with age and the first bald patches appear. However, the saying “there is a herb grown for every ailment” is not for nothing. The herbal specialists at RAUSCH, who have successfully placed their faith in the power of nature for the past 126 years, are tackling the problem. The energy-booster ginseng and the stimulant caffeine in the Ginseng CAFFEINE LINE effectively help prevent hair loss. 

How do vital nutrients get into the hair?
With regard to preventing hair loss it is important that the hair roots are adequately supplied with nutrients. Only healthy well-nourished hair roots can produce strong, voluminous hair from root to tip. Ginseng – also known as the energy root – has been used and revered for this property for thousands of years. The root comes from the forests in Asia and has been proven to have the effects of a fortifier. It is also considered the carriage of life energy - Chi. The nutrients which are so important for the hair and scalp pass from the scalp via the hair root to the tip of the hair. Treating hair with ginseng is like bathing in the fountain of youth. Caffeine increases the blood flow within the scalp and has a vasodilating effect which allows the roots to absorb the nutrients more effectively. Guarana seed and tiger grass detoxify the scalp clearing it for the absorption of the active ingredients. With RAUSCH Ginseng CAFFEINE SHAMPOO and Ginseng CAFFEINE RINSE CONDITIONER you are treating your scalp to pure herbal energy.

Nature’s helping hand
RAUSCH has developed these care lines with their unique combination of herbs. The tensides in the shampoo, based on palm nut oil* and coconut oil contain high levels of saturated fatty acids and cleanse mildly and naturally. The growth-enhancing active ingredients in nettle and the concentrated energy of pea sprouts in the conditioner support the effectiveness of the shampoo. Additionally, radish seed extract and active ingredients from the silver linden tree give hair an extra dose of volume and shine.

*RAUSCH is one of the first companies in Switzerland to focus exclusively on mass balance quality regarding its use of palm oil. Furthermore, RAUSCH directly supports the sustainable cultivation of certified palm and palm nut oil as a member of RSPO.

The hero among products
Supplementary use of RAUSCH Original HAIR TINCTURE supports the hair growth treatment. It is also recommended for circular hair loss (alopecia areata) and hair loss following pregnancy/breast-feeding. RAUSCH Original HAIR TINCTURE stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp thanks to the bacteriostatic and fungicidal properties of burdock root and the mildly antiseptic, stimulating effect of essential citrus oils.

Ginseng Wirksamkeit

Phenomenal results
Treatment with RAUSCH Ginseng CAFFEINE SHAMPOO, RAUSCH Ginseng CAFFEINE RINSE CONDITIONER (3-4 times weekly) and RAUSCH Original HAIR TINCTURE (daily) resulted in an increase of the oxygen saturation of the scalp, and after six weeks there was visible improvement in hair growth of up to 28%. Far fewer hairs remained on the brush because of the positive influence to the hair’s life-cycle of the herbal active ingredients. With the exception of hair loss due to illness, there is hope for those who suffer from thinning on top: the classic RAUSCH Original HAIR TINCTURE and the new Ginseng CAFFEINE LINE are proven to support hair growth and help restore fullness, vitality and shine.

Present tip: Giving is great.
And what is better than the right present at the right time? Whether for yourself or for a loved one. RAUSCH Ginseng CAFFEINE LINE is a delight for anyone suffering from thinning hair.