RAUSCH can protect your hair, not only when you wash it but also against the rigours of styling. Our herbal styling products are based on RAUSCH's triple herbal protection system: they offer perfect styling, guarantee hair protection and care and give a firm hold and added sheen.

Why not protect your hair against hairdryer heat with RAUSCH Herbal Styling Refreshener. This spray improves hair structure and adds shine and moisture.

Simply spray onto wet or dry hair and blow-dry. Your style will gain a vitality and natural freshness. The secret of this spray lies in its combination of specially selected plant extracts: sunflower, sea buckthorn, bran and wheatgerm.

Once refreshed, your hair will be ready for a great style.


The fishtail plait

To make styling easier by gently improving the hold, we recommend using RAUSCH Herbal Styling Mousse. It holds your hair in place, gives volume and a unique shine to your lovely locks.

It couldn't be easier to apply. Shake the mousse well and squirt the desired amount into your hand. Then spread the mousse evenly through your hair. – Let it dry, style your hair, and you're ready to go!

A fishtail plait not only looks impressive, it's also a quick style to achieve.

Tie all your hair up in a pony tail.

Divide the pony tail into two evenly-sized sections.

Next, take a thin strand from the right-hand section and cross it over to join the left-hand section. – Keep tight hold of the plaited hair or the plait will end up too loose. Do the same with a strand from the left-hand section

Repeat until all your hair is plaited, right down to the tips.

If the plait has got lop-sided, simply pull individual strands gently outwards until it's straight again. – Now your fishtail plait is ready!

Use RAUSCH Herbal Hairspray on top for a lasting hold, and you're guaranteed your new look will be a hit.