Although advertising would lead us to believe that blondes have more fun, the fact remains that despite its popularity, blonde hair requires extra care and attention. We reveal what you can do to make the shine of your favourite hair colour last even longer – and have everyone believing you’re fresh out of the salon.


Dying hair blonde causes damage.

Hair is particularly prone to brittleness and porosity when it has been chemically dyed blonde. It’s therefore no surprise that the lightening process is extremely stressful on hair. Bleach is used to dye hair blonde, which removes the original colour pigments.

During this lightening process, the hair commonly goes through shades of red, orange and yellow before the desired tone is achieved – ideally, a radiant shade of blonde.


What causes the yellow discolouration in blonde hair?

If the lightening process is stopped too soon, the remaining colour pigments will cause an undesired yellow hue. Heat, salt water and chlorinated water can enhance this effect. Freshly coloured blonde hair and greying hair are particularly affected.

But even if everything is done right during the lightening process, blonde and grey hair tend to develop a yellow hue over time. This occurs mainly once the cool toner from the colouring has washed out.

Daily hair washing can also be the reason behind brassiness, as harsh tap water contains minerals and metals that can affect the colour’s tone.

Goodbye yellow hues!

And how do I get rid of any undesired yellow hues? The easiest way to remove a slight yellow hue and restore a cool blonde tone is to use a silver shampoo such as our Sage SILVER-SHINE SHAMPOO. This contains purple pigments that neutralise yellow discolouration.

The corresponding rinse conditioner complements this and enhances the anti-yellow effect. It also strengthens the hair, and makes it supple and easier to comb.


Plant-based keratin for intensive protection.

The chemical lightening process typically causes a lot of damage to the hair, stripping it of moisture and leaving it dry and brittle. Using a nourishing product at least once a week that deeply penetrates the hair, rebuilds its structure and keeps it healthy can help with this.

We recommend our Sage SILVER-SHINE TREATMENT. Thanks to plant-based keratin, it repairs the hair’s structure from the inside out, helps combat breakage and protects it from external influences.

Plant-based keratin is a microprotein based on purely plant-based protein building blocks. It penetrates through the cuticle deep into the fibre, where it replenishes the hair with missing proteins. This minimises the effects of stress factors such as bleaching, styling and environmental influences, reduces hair damage and prevents premature hair ageing.

This combination of intensive nourishment and anti-yellow effect is unique and the reason why we love our purple line so much. Our Sage SILVER-SHINE SHAMPOO and RINSE CONDITIONER also contain plant-based keratin.


Added protection against heat.

To protect your blonde hair, you should try to avoid any type of heat stress such as from straightening, blow drying or direct sunlight. Wear a hat in summer or use a UV protection product designed for hair.

Expert tip: apply the Sage SILVER-SHINE TREATMENT to wet hair and wrap it up in a towel to give your hair intensive nourishment while you sunbathe. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly afterwards.


My personal care routine.

For some added self-care in your daily routine, we recommend pampering yourself with a head massage. Our Sage SILVER-SHINE HAIR TONIC has been specially developed for dyed blonde and grey hair.

Regularly massaging the head promotes strong and healthy hair. With Swiss sage oil and naturally pure extracts of nettle, ribwort plantain, oak bark, tobacco and houseleek to refresh the scalp and keep it strong.



Our care for a cool blonde tone.