Do you suffer from allergies? An allergy is defined as the over-sensitive response of the human body to harmless, foreign substances. Around 30% of the population suffer from allergies. The numbers are increasing but the reasons for this upward trend have not been conclusively explained. However, it is striking that the proportion of allergy sufferers in industrialised countries is significantly higher than in developing nations. It is therefore thought that high hygiene standards may play a part.

There are many different allergies. Some of the best-known are allergies to pollen (hay fever), animal fur and food. A wide range of different symptoms may occur depending on the type of allergy. The skin of allergy sufferers often feels dry, itchy and tight. 

Pollen allergy (hay fever) is the most common form of allergy and here there is often a genetic predisposition. In hay fever the immune system reacts to the harmless pollen proteins. This leads to inflammation of the connective tissues of the eyes and the nasal mucous membranes. 

Dr Katharina Heinrich, Head of Research and Development at RAUSCH, has the following advice for sufferers:  
"My tip for anyone suffering from hay fever: Wash your hair thoroughly in the evening so that the effective cleaning power of Heart Seed SENSITIVE SHAMPOO rinses out the pollen and stops it getting into your bed linen. This will significantly relieve the symptoms. Many customers have told me of the success they have had using this method."

Neurodermatitis sufferers have dry, sensitive and flaky skin. The causes are diverse but a genetic disposition is often responsible for neurodermatitis. The condition occurs in episodes, particularly in infancy. Adults are almost free of episodes. An episode can be triggered by a wide range of factors. In addition to allergens, stress is also a significant factor.

How can you tell if a product is suitable for an allergy sufferer? Possible indications are the presence of the Swiss Allergy Label or the ECARF Seal of Quality. Products with these labels have been assessed as particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. The products are regularly tested and certified.

RAUSCH Heartseed SENSITIVE LINE Hypoallergenic is suitable for irritated, highly sensitive skin and scalp and has been awarded both the «The Swiss Allergy Label» and the «The ECARF seal of quality» Heartseed is an important ingredient in this product line.  

Heart seed (Cardiospermum Halicacabum L.) is a quick-growing climbing plant. It comes originally from the tropics and sub-tropics, grows up to 3.5 m tall and bears balloon-shaped fruits, which contain three dark seeds that display a pale, heart-shaped mark. The heart seed extract that RAUSCH uses for its products has anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic (anti-itching) properties.

RAUSCH Heart Seed SENSITIVE LINE Hypoallergenic, consisting of a shampoo and a conditioner.

•    alleviates redness and itching
•    relaxes and moisturises
•    is free of perfumes and colourings
•    is allergy-tested and dermatologically proven in clinical trials