Hungry head lice find optimal conditions for food sources in nurseries, schools and changing rooms. There is then only one question in the families affected: how do we get rid of this nuisance? 

Head lice move from one strand of hair to another. Although they can neither jump nor fly, they can crawl relatively quickly. Frequent scratching and above all the small, white lice eggs, commonly known as nits, are evidence of the annoying, almost invisible parasites. 

No reason to be ashamed
Head lice are no reason to be ashamed because a lack of hygiene is not the cause. Quite the contrary: Experts believe that head lice even prefer heads that have been looked after. Girls are affected more frequently than boys because head lice prefer long hair. Just putting heads together briefly or hugging each other is enough to catch the tiny parasites. 

More recent investigations have shown that the risk of transferring head lice through items such as combs, brushes or hats is low. Although fully grown head lice can survive for two days away from someone's head, they do not then multiply. 

The greedy parasites scratch open the skin of the host with a dagger-like extension from their heads. So that they can suck people's blood without being disturbed, they spit a substance into the wound, which prevents the blood from clotting. The body reacts to this with a defensive reaction, the site swells up, reddens and starts to itch. The constant scratching can merely lead to a bacterial infection. There is no health risk.

Lice prevention
The Swiss manufacturer RAUSCH has developed an efficient product against pediculus humanus capitis, namely Willow Bark TREATMENT SHAMPOO and LICE STOP. The shampoo cleans the scalp and hair gently, high quality willow bark distillate and thyme oil have a slightly antiseptic effect and quickly alleviate itching. It's easier to comb the hair with the help of RAUSCH Swiss herbal DETANGLING SPRAY. It is recommended that the hair is treated preventively with the shampoo to prevent it being grabbed by the small but tenacious claws of the lice. Tests at various schools on over 2,000 children and adults have proved its prophylactic effectiveness.

SOS for head lice alert
LICE- STOP contains the natural substances quassia vinegar as well as andiroba, rapeseed and coconut oil, which will solve the problem of head lice. Quassia vinegar attacks the chitin shell of the nits so that air enters inside the nits and the larvae are prevented from hatching. At the same time the plant-based oils stick the tiny breathing openings of the lice together so that they suffocate. The nits are then combed out with the RAUSCH LICE COMBE/NIT COMB. A clinical study proves the effectiveness of LICE STOP, which removes 90 percent of head lice and nits after three applications within 14 days – without any chemical insecticides.