Who isn't aware of the Swiss products, which are saluted throughout the world:  Whether it's watches, beauty products and pharmaceuticals, cheese, chocolate and herbal sweets – they all have the "Made in Switzerland" quality seal and enjoy the full trust of consumers without exception. This is because what makes our inventive nation stand out in particular is the successful link between a pioneering spirit, cutting edge technology and striving for extreme perfection.  There is therefore a good reason why Swiss  innovators  are constantly winning prizes for their achievements.

Closely associated with Switzerland
We are also proud of our origins and trust our tradition, stability and innovative strength, through which our family company contributes to the success of the Swiss economy. We are THE herbal hair care specialist in Switzerland and the number one in Swiss specialist shops. Our knowledge is based on 125 years of experience in striving for beauty. This makes us feel simply unique and unmistakable!

Josef Wilhelm Rausch, a master hairstylist from Constance, who founded the company in 1890, rose up to be purveyor to the court of Prince Leopold and Princess Antonia of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. He devoted himself intensively to knowledge about the healing power of herbs that he learnt from monks and developed new recipes, which cared for the scalp and gave hair a beautiful, natural shine. Rausch was also the inventor of the first liquid shampoo. His skill was being able to combine the right herbs in the right combination and in the right quantity effectively. This philosophy remains with our company today and some of the recipes are almost exactly the same. A wealth of experience, of which we are very proud, and which explains our love of every aspect of Swiss herbs.

Lots of work by hand, skill and love
This means: We obtain all the main ingredients and most of our herbs in Switzerland. Only where this is not possible do we use raw materials from abroad, for example coconut oil or tropical plant extracts. Our shampoos contain up to 40 percent herbal extracts, which are carefully produced naturally in complex, in-house processes and are then used selectively. The herbs and plants grown by our Swiss contracted farmers in a monitored environment as well as the in-house processing, maturing and demanding product manufacture guarantee the unique effect of our products. This means that we are one of the few manufacturers to use local raw materials, develop our own products and make them.  In addition, we have our entire value added chain at our site in Kreuzlingen and can react quickly to ensure the unique "Swiss quality" of our products.

Like a good friend
However, the development of new products and ensuring a high quality in the long term needs time, care and skill. Our company is a niche player in a body care market driven by mass market products. There is a good reason for talking about "Fast Moving Consumer Goods". In this mass of products, which outdo each other with their unbelievable claims, we don't want to be quite so "fast".

What is important to us is trust, credibility and proximity to our customers' requirements. These important corporate values remain the key to our success. In the final analysis a brand is like a good friend. Anyone who has tried RAUSCH products once, knows why we talk about high quality "made in Switzerland". Our satisfied customers in 26 countries who are convinced about the effectiveness of our products prove us right every single day. 




Marco Baumann, Owner and Managing Director
Lucas Baumann, Head of Marketing & Communication