Often there is just not enough hours in a day to ensure you have a balanced diet. Your body ends up lacking important nutrients leaving you feeling empty and weak. There is a huge selection of nutritional supplements available on the market – but it is quality which counts.

After twelve years of intensive R&D RAUSCH launched the SWISS HERBAL VITALITY CAPSULES onto the market. Their unique “Duo-active” principle ensures beauty from within as well as without. Beautiful hair, skin and nails teamed with vitality and well-being are the positive results which have convinced us.

What is behind it all?
If the body lacks certain important nutrients then it is usually the hair, nails and skin that suffer first. It is only in later stages that inner deficiencies causing fatigue and discomfort become apparent. This is due to free radicals (for example from solar radiation, stress, etc.). These are responsible for premature apoptosis (cell death), resulting in skin ageing. A healthy immune system can neutralize these free radicals and excrete them. Protection against this process can be found in antioxidants present in green tea, vitamin E, vitamin C and flavonoids. These protective substances – highly concentrated forms of which are contained in SWISS HERBAL VITALITY CAPSULES – prevent premature cell death and its associated skin ageing.

What is it made up of?

Rausch Schweizer Kräuter Vital KapselnThe daily ration of SWISS HERBAL VITALITY CAPSULES comprises two components: one herbal capsule and one oil capsule, which together contain a total of 23 active ingredients. The herbal capsule contains the RAUSCH Swiss herbal combination and purest green tea as a natural radical catcher. One would have to drink 800 ml of green tea to achieve the green tea value of just one capsule. Other essential components are a carefully balanced, high-dose vitamin complex as well as mineral substances which improve and support a healthy metabolism. As a supplement to this, the oil capsule contains vitamins and the three high-quality oils: golden millet, perilla and algae oil. They are of the purest quality and are a source of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids – the most important building blocks for healthy cells! Together the two capsules form a highly effective holistic care-pair. They are 100 percent vegetable and - because of their complex of active ingredients – are best taken after breakfast or lunch, - first the oil capsule and then the herbal capsule.


What can the capsules do?


stronger, more voluminous hair 

firm, supple skin 

healthy, strong nails

Furthermore they create a healthy foundation from the inside out and promote vitality and well-being. The capsules are especially recommended in the fall: when the days are getting shorter and the weather colder, the capsules improve vitality and raise the spirits.


Further benefits are:

tangible results after only a few days

dermatologically tested

herbal capsule shells

no animal or allergenic components (vegan)

lactose- und gluten-free

no preservatives or artificial coloring

GMO-free (genetically manipulated organisms)


Effectiveness to impress
Years of research were worth it: clinical studies have confirmed the worthwhile and manifold properties of SWISS HERBAL VITALITY CAPSULES.