If there’s anyone who can answer this question, it’s Dr Katharina Alder, Head of Research & Development at RAUSCH. She knows what is meant by near-natural cosmetics and how they differ from natural cosmetics.

What are near-natural cosmetics and how do they differ from natural cosmetics?
Here at RAUSCH we would like to give our consumers more information on this subject and have interviewed our Head of Research & Development.

What does the term "natural cosmetics" mean today?
The term "natural cosmetics" means that only natural substances are used in products, there are no synthetic ingredients. The choice of available raw materials is therefore limited.

What is meant by the term "greenwashing" in relation to conventional cosmetic products?
"Greenwashing" refers to conventional cosmetic products with no significant proportion of plant-based ingredients being given a "green sheen". This can be done through packaging or advertising. The consumer gets the feeling that they are dealing with a product with natural ingredients, even though it may actually only contain a few milligrams.

In the area of non-certified cosmetics, are there differences in terms of the proportion of natural ingredients?

Absolutely. There are very major differences. There are lots of these "greenwashed" products that have no significant natural content. Here marketing plays a massive role.
And there are near-natural products that do in fact have a significant proportion of natural substances. It is very important to these manufacturers to use substances from nature, but for a variety of reasons, such as tolerability, not 100%. They cannot therefore be counted as certified natural cosmetics. RAUSCH is one of these manufacturers.

What are the factors in RAUSCH's success in the area of hair care?
RAUSCH focuses primarily on ensuring the tolerability and effectiveness of its products. The trust our customers have shown in us for more than 125 years is confirmation of this. Sometimes natural substances such as essential oils cause severe allergies, which is why in such cases we have decided in favour of synthetic compositions that are significantly better tolerated by the skin. However, we like to use the "good" substances from nature as much as possible – our customers notice this after just a short while using our skin care lines.

Why is RAUSCH not seeking certification?
We cannot achieve the quality our customers expect from our products with exclusively natural ingredients! For the reasons I mentioned earlier, such as tolerability and effectiveness, we still want to be able to use proven and traditional ingredients, which may not come 100% from nature or which may be of natural origin but are then processed synthetically. 
But it is precisely this difference that is our competitive advantage! A 100% natural surfactant does not clean as thoroughly as the surfactants we use at RAUSCH.

What can a RAUSCH shampoo do that no other shampoo can?
A RAUSCH shampoo combines optimal skin tolerability, mild plant-based ingredients and outstanding effectiveness. You have a scalp that stays healthy as well as beautiful, full and shining hair.