Even the most beautiful summer can have undesirable consequences. Hair becomes rebellious when exposed to too much sun, seawater, wind and chlorine. Luckily there are herbal experts able to bring the shine back to damaged hair with the use of outstanding haircare products. 

A super summer is great – but sun, salt, sand and chlorine can damage hair right down to the tips. And with additional stresses from colouring and the heat from hair dryers or straighteners, dry hair in particular needs extra care to protect it from breaks, splits and frizz. 

Summer hair stress
Whether your hair is short or long – the main thing is that it should be healthy and beautiful. However, hair that lacks oils and moisture looks stubborn and brittle. This is because the outer layer of the hair becomes roughened and therefore loses its smooth surface. As a consequence, light is no longer optimally reflected and the natural shine of the hair is lost. 

In addition, negative influences such as aggressive UV rays then find it easy to penetrate into the hair structure and cause it lasting damage. Hair loses its colour pigments and looks dull and lifeless. 

Static electricity is also a cause of "flyaway" hair where the fibres are mutually repelled by electrostatic charges. The phenomenon is also known as "frizz".

No splitting of hairs with amaranth 
Luckily, the herbal experts at RAUSCH have created an effective regeneration wonder treatment with their Amaranth REPAIR LINE for damaged hair.

Amaranth is one of the world's oldest cultivated plants. More than 3000 years ago, the Incas and Aztecs were growing this plant whose tiny seeds burst with valuable nutrients and vital substances. Amaranth is a source of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It also contains important amino acids and is rich in proteins. In contrast to normal cereals, it has large quantities of lysine, which is responsible for maintaining healthy skin and strong bones. Its high levels of magnesium, calcium and iron also make amaranth a healthy foodstuff.

Long-term protection
The REPAIR-LINE is a great all-rounder. As successor to the classic RAUSCH Chamomile Shampoo, Chamomile Amaranth REPAIR SHAMPOO has been enhanced with chamomile flowers, amaranth and extracts of quillaja bark, which is noted for its gentle cleansing power. The full-bodied active ingredients return elasticity and shine to stressed locks and enable the damaged hair structure to become soft and silky smooth again.

For follow-up treatment, RAUSCH has developed Amaranth REPAIR RINSE CONDITIONER. With the power of chamomile flowers and the seeds of amaranth and quinoa, it seals the porous layer and offers effective and lasting protection from negative influences. As an added extra, it also restores a breathtaking shine.

But that's not all. There are other treats in store for damaged hair. Where even more care and attention is needed, RAUSCH Amaranth REPAIR SERUM offers reliable protection. With its triple-A-OIL formula of Amaranth, Abyssinian and Argan oil, it nourishes hair from the roots up. A further benefit is that its optimal composition seals hair fibres and provides deep-down thermal protection. This significantly reduces hair breaks. The Serum is free of alcohol, silicone or water.

Hair treatment for a gorgeous head of hair
We recommend the use of RAUSCH Amaranth SPLISS-REPAIR-CREAM after chemical-based hair treatments or as active protection against sun, seawater and chlorine. Enriched with valuable horsetail extract and nurturing amaranth oil, it improves the structure of the tips and therefore protects against split ends.