Styling and conditioning hair at the same time? Thanks to its triple action herbal protection system, our STYLING LINE simultaneously prevents drying out whilst protecting against damaging environmental influences. Discover our newly designed near-natural styling products! Now available in Fresh, Flexible and Strong.

Styling and conditioning with the power of herbs
Washing and conditioning hair already gives it an extra bit of pampering. However, this additional care is often ruined by subsequent styling products. Aggressive products stress the hair. That needn’t be the case because the new STYLING LINE from RAUSCH conditions and protects hair with a power combination of natural active ingredients from sunflower, sea buckthorn and wheat. The triple action herbal protection system prevents drying out, protects against damaging environmental influences and stops hair becoming sticky in damp weather. Additionally, the silicone-free STYLING LINE from RAUSCH protects against moisture depletion and gives hair a new, natural shine. Noteworthy: the non-aerosol hair sprays are also available as environmentally-friendly refill packs.

The STYLING LINE Fresh – Herbal styling for refreshing care
When sprayed on damp or dry hair before blow-drying, conditioning VOLUME STYLING LOTION Fresh protects against damaging heat and prevents unsightly frizzing. It gives hair natural hold ensuring silky shine and fresh bounce. Styling tip: VOLUME STYLING LOTION Fresh with Swiss aronia is suitable for accentuating individual strands and for “refreshing” hair styles.

The STYLING LINE Flexible – for the natural look
With STYLING MOUSSE Flexible Non-Aerosol individual styling without stickiness is easy. The full energy of the sunflower imparts natural volume and vital bounce. Noteworthy: STYLING MOUSSE Flexible Non-Aerosol protects against dryer heat and can be brushed out without residue.
For a more casual finish or for fixing individual strands we recommend the HAIRSPRAY Flexible Aerosol or Non-Aerosol.

The STYLING LINE Strong – for strong, lasting hold
STYLING MOUSSE Strong Aerosol is suitable for all hair types and ensures strong, invisible hold and natural shine. It gives hair bounce and exceptional volume. Airy STYLING MOUSSE Strong Aerosol protects against dryer heat, is non-sticky and easy to brush out.
HAIRSPRAY Strong Aerosol or Non-Aerosol offers reliable hold in every weather. It ensures lasting, strong hold for the complete hair style or for individually styled strands, and is easily brushed out. Top tip: individual strands don’t stick together.
Controlled definition, perfect hold, natural bounce and fresh shine in any weather 24 hours a day: That is the promise of STYLING GEL Strong with pure natural aloe vera. Hair is additionally moisturized, strengthened, conditioned and protected against drying out.