Have you noticed just how many care products are directed at men? Magazines are full of adverts for men’s eye creams, special beard styling and exfoliating shower gels for men. And in many homes more space in bathroom cupboards is being taken up by the latest purchases of the man in the house. This may seem strange at first, but it is really just the logical progression of a trend which began several years ago. More and more men are taking an active interest in their appearance, not only wanting to look stylish but to look well-groomed. The fact they are prepared to spend considerable sums of money to achieve this goal makes them particularly interesting for the advertising industry.

There are men who use face masks, who shave their whole body and regularly have manicures. And there are other men who want to look good with a minimum of uncomplicated effort. That is why there are a few ideas in the following to help men get through the day with a speedy and simple care routine. Of course that doesn’t mean that a man can’t try out his partner’s hair pack or foot balm. You can do whatever you enjoy doing, and men with beautiful feet, soft skin and fragrant hair are just as appealing!

A dream come true: a full head of hair

At the top of men‘s wish list is their hair. As confirmed in various studies, 50% of all men under fifty use styling products. Even more believe that their hair is their most recognizable characteristic. Shiny, thick hair exudes vitality and good health. It is all the more tragic when this magnificence is lost with increasing age and the first bald patches appear. Worries about hair regrowth affect men and women equally as hair loss progressively undermines their joie de vivre. But it is not without reason it is said that “for every ailment there is a herb”. The power of ginseng has been known for thousands of years. This root is indigenous to the woods of Asia and is proven to function as a strengthening tonic and is known as the carrier of the life-energy qi. At RAUSCH ginseng is used in combination with invigorating caffeine in the new  and the .

Supplementary hair growth support is available in the form of a treatment with  Original HAIR TINCTURE, which is also recommended for circular hair loss (alopecia areata). Thanks to the bacteriostatic and fungicidal properties of burdock root and the gently stimulating effect of essential oils of citrus fruits, Original HAIR TINCTURE enhances the circulation in the scalp. If redness and itchiness occur RAUSCH recommends using .

Start early to prevent hair loss

Prevention is all important: men should begin as early as possible to give their hair the right treatment, because hair loss can be prevented if there is an adequate supply of nutrients to the hair root. A healthy well-nourished hair root guarantees strong and full hair to the tips.
If you want to you can apply a special conditioning hair pack once a week and allow it to work in for a few minutes. Afterwards your hair will look stronger, shinier and be more supple. 

Don't rub your hair to hard when drying it

For daily care you should choose a mild shampoo which doesn‘t stress men’s hair too much. In comparison to women, men wash their hair more often which can correspondingly put strain on it. Avoid mechanical irritation such as hard massage. Don’t rub hair dry with a towel but rather carefully squeeze it dry with a towel. Choose natural materials for hats and caps. Use a good brush or high quality comb. Uneven teeth or bristles can damage the scalp and roughen up the hair. It is best to use natural bristle brushes, wooden combs and massage brushes with either rubber or wooden pegs.

The same things that cause women’s hair to dry out are valid for men: don’t blow dry hair on too warm a setting and hold the dryer at least 20 cm away from your head. Occasionally allow your hair to dry in the open air – it is the least taxing. You can style it once it’s dry with some wax or gel, or tousle or comb it.

Contrast showers for firm skin

Most men have enviably firm thighs and bottoms. Of course that is partly due to the nature of the tissues, but also because of their much practiced showering habits: contrast showers (warm/cold) don’t only wake you up. They invigorate, protect against colds and firm the skin. Always start with warm water and finish with cool and repeat it two or three times. Frequent showering won’t necessarily dry out the skin. You should use a mild shower gel and avoid too hot water. After sport or in the summer shower with lukewarm water to prevent post sport sweating.

Don’t use too much shower gel. Usually it is enough if you use it on sweat spots such as under the arms, the groin and feet. The rest of the body will be automatically washed by the foam without being unnecessarily stressed.

Light, vitalizing and not too penetrating products are particularly popular in a man’s world. The FRESH LINE from RAUSCH invigorates and strengthens with rosemary and imparts new freshness. Quillaja bark with pure natural saponins mildly cleanses whilst marigold ensures gentle care. Try the After Sun and Sport Refreshener (link zu BODY LOTION FRESH). A light body lotion, which strengthens and, thanks to mint, is revitalizing and refreshing. Especially created for stressed male skin after bathing, sun or sport (link to care line).

Shaving foam can irritate the skin

The topic of shaving affects all men. Many men often suffer after shaving from an irritated, reddened skin with tiny wounds. It is worth taking a closer look at the ingredients in your shaving foam and aftershave. Most products contain synthetic ingredients such as parabens, sodium, synthetic fragrances etc. These substances irritate the skin, dry it out and can cause allergic reactions. It is not without reason that the foam is so creamy, the hairs on your beard don’t simply straighten, and even the fresh scent usually has a synthetic origin. Furthermore the aftershave for post shaving care is often comprised of a whole collection of chemical substances. Fortunately the selection of shaving products with as many natural ingredients as possible is growing. There are also great designs of great beard care products. Have a look at some of the products in pharmacies, health food shop and specialist retailers and get some advice. You need to examine more thoroughly those items you use on a day to day basis!

Avoid convenience food

Beside sufficient movement, good care and regenerating sleep there is one other very important criteria for well-being: nutrition. He who gulps down a quick coffee in the morning, grabs a bar of chocolate to ward off the hunger pangs, bolts down a white bread sandwich at lunchtime in front of the computer, then shoves a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner, shouldn’t be surprised that he is unbalanced, has no energy and feels flat. Look out for natural organic foodstuffs. Eat a breakfast which gives you enough energy for the whole day with work and family and avoid refined sugar. Here are a few tasty muesli recipes! A salad with lean meat or fish at lunchtime gives a fresh energy boost and then something easily digestible at night such as grilled vegetables or a soup will let you sleep well afterwards and allow the body to regenerate. You should wait at least three hours after dinner before going to bed. Turn off your cell phone, take a short walk around the neighborhood and you can look forward to a recuperative sleep. Always remember: a person is what he eats and can only function as well as the nutrition he feeds his body. Of course you can treat yourself occasionally to pork steaks, croquettes and hash browns and chocolate bars from the supermarket – but they should be the exception to a balanced diet with as much unadulterated food as possible. Cover half your plate with raw vegetables or fruit – by following this rule of thumb you will soon feel much fitter and healthier. Additionally you will see that your hair will look fuller and shinier and your skin firmer and more robust.

In stressful times food supplement capsules can be a good alternative to give your body enough of the nutrients it needs. The SWISS HERBAL VITALITY CAPSULES contain high quality vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals. They promote beautiful hair, skin and nails and with their antioxidants they maintain and sustain the functions of the cells.