Whenever Tom Baumann from the a-capella group “Bliss” takes to the stage, it is not seldom that his brother Lucas, or father and head of RAUSCH, Marco Baumann, are sitting in the audience. Occasionally even unannounced. “Sometimes I spot Luc in the second row without him having even said a word”. Tom explains. He’s absolutely delighted. And extremely proud too, that his very busy father comes to see each new show at least once.

Tom Baumann has been singing with “Bliss” since 2007. The band formed almost accidentally two years earlier. A few friends were sitting together one evening to plan a spontaneous vocal number for a colleague’s party. The result was not particularly pretty nor melodic, but it came from the heart. It was followed by a few smaller concerts and “Bliss” was born. In 2005 they had their first stage show: “Herrlich Dämlich “, and in 2007 – after Tom joined the band – they broke through to national fame with “SuperStern”. A CD of the same name appeared followed by a tour of around 130 shows, many of which were in well-known Swiss locations such as the “Zelt” or “Aeschbacher”. The six powerful-voiced young men combine comedy with a-capella to the delight of all ages.Singen und in Winterthur studieren

Singing and studying in Winterthur

Free time is a rarity for Tom Baumann. He is studying full-time at the Zürich University of Applied Science/ZHAW in Winterthur. His study program: Journalism and Organizational Communication. Whereas the other students can head off for the weekend on Fridays, his busy time is only just beginning: almost every weekend he and his five band colleagues can be found on one of the many stages in Switzerland or in the German-speaking neighboring countries. At the moment they are preparing for a big Germany tour with 20 concerts next year. “We can incorporate a bit of Swiss German into the show as far as Munich “, Tom says. “Further north than that will be a bit more difficult.” However a bit of Swissness is a must on the stage. And a big portion of spontaneity. It is not seldom that they incorporate funny incidents into a show which they experienced on the way there. “We have a super relationship with one another. That is the best part!”

Sparkling eyes among the fans

Tom is responsible for the lyrics and text for “Bliss“ : he write the program and the songs. An external friend helps him and his colleagues in the band give the final endorsement. He has been doing this for eight years already – and incredibly successfully. Whoever has experienced a “Bliss” concert will feel the positive energy for days afterwards. On their Facebook page there are rows of photos of beaming fans, and often these fans will follow the charming young men from concert to concert.

Father once played the piano 

So where does his musical talent come from? “My father is an entertainer, this gift came from him”, says Tom. His father also used to play the piano, but today he prefers to realize his musical interest as a “Bliss” fan.