When temperatures drop, when it’s cold outside and warm and dry inside, many people suffer from dry skin.

Skin feels tight after a bath or shower and itches and flakes. Despite applying cream constantly, it still stays dry. Typical problem areas are the shins and elbows. But feet, hands and faces are also exposed to cold air and strong winds and so are subject to even greater stresses.

In the bath or shower

A simple shower using  can help. Its combination of oils helps maintain the skin’s natural protective layer. The oil moisturises and relieves the skin, making it silky smooth.

Our skincare tip: don’t take too long, too hot or too frequent a bath or shower in winter. Take a few minutes afterwards to apply oil or cream.

Creams and oils

After a bath or shower in winter, your body needs some intensive attention from rich, moisturising body cream or precious body oil. is a real insider secret. It soothes and relieves even red, sensitive skin; you can almost feel it regulating the skin’s lipid content.

Or you might prefer . This reinforces the skin’s own defence mechanisms: the oat milk reduces irritation, and fine Tahitian monoï oil alleviates tightness, giving the skin a lasting velvety softness.

, with its premium quality natural oils, can also help combat stretch marks and restore any rough patches of skin to their smooth state.


In winter, the skin needs care and attention, but also protection against the cold. We recommend protecting sensitive areas like hands with gloves – and using our 

. This will keep your hands soft and smooth.


Protect your face against the cold air with a rich cream.

Our tip: why not add a couple of drops of 

to your face cream? This will make the cream richer and counteract any tightening of your skin.

Hair and scalp

Hair often suffers in winter. Cold air, warm heating, wind and snow combined with constant changes in temperature between indoors and out can upset your scalp’s natural balance. That’s why it’s crucial to care intensively for your hair and scalp. Treat yourself to an intensive cure with our , which will strengthen and feed your hair. Our 

repairs the hair structure and protects your hair against breakages and split ends. Even more importantly in the colder months, your hair is sealed and smoothed right to its roots. Our  can be used before or after you wash your hair. It protects against dryness, moisturises and repairs damaged hair structure.