General questions
What products does the RAUSCH range include?
Our range includes high-quality care products for healthy hair and beautiful skin. We believe that true beauty is sourced from nature, which is why all our products contain a high proportion of natural herbal substances, extracted using our gentle in...
How many natural ingredients are used in RAUSCH products?
RAUSCH develops all its products with the aim of using as many natural ingredients and as few additives as possible. In order to improve factors such as the tolerability of our products, it is sometimes necessary to use nature-identical or synthetic ...
Are RAUSCH products tested on animals?
In its more than 130-year company history, RAUSCH has never tested its products on animals. The efficacy and tolerability of our hair and body care products is only ever tested on voluntary test subjects.
Where can I purchase RAUSCH products?
Our products are available from the following sales partners:Switzerland: pharmacies, drugstores, perfumeries and department stores.Germany: pharmacies, drugstores, health food shops and department stores.Austria: pharmacies, drugstores, perfumeries, ...
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Questions about care
Which care product is the right one for my hair type?
You can easily find the best hair care for you by using the «RAUSCH hair analysis tool».
What do the products do?
SHAMPOO (Cleanses, rinse-off formula): Removes build-up and cleanses the scalp, removing sebum, dandruff and residues. Our shampoos have restorative and refreshing properties.
How do I use RAUSCH products correctly?
SHAMPOO: Work a hazelnut-sized amount into a lather with water and massage into wet hair and the scalp. Then rinse thoroughly. We recommend using a conditioner or a spray conditioner each time you wash your hair.
Can the various RAUSCH products be used in combination with each other?
The products can indeed be used in combination with each other, meaning you can put together your own individual care routine.
From what age can RAUSCH products be used on children?
Unless stated otherwise on the label, RAUSCH products can be used on children from about 18 months.
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Questions about the ingredients
Are RAUSCH products vegan?
Almost all RAUSCH products are vegan. The only exceptions is our Nourishing-Shampoo with Egg-Oil, which contains fresh egg yolk from Swiss organic free-range production.
Where do the egg yolks used in the Nourishing shampoo with egg-oil come from?
We use organic free-range eggs from Switzerland for our nourishing-shampoo with egg-oil.
Where do the herbs used come from, and what kind of farming criteria do they have to meet?
The herbs used in RAUSCH products come from growing regions around the world. Our raw materials are grown under strictly monitored conditions and selected with the utmost care. We prioritise organic quality and wild herb gathering. The herbs are being...
Are RAUSCH products biodegradable?
The question of biodegradability depends particularly on the type of surfactants used. We only use surfactants (cleansing substances) that are made from renewable raw materials. This means our RAUSCH shampoos and shower gels break down very easily in...
Which sulphates are used in RAUSCH products?
Sulphates have gained a bad reputation for drying out the skin, but not all sulphates are the same – there are actually considerable differences between them. We use sodium laureth sulphate (ex coco) in some of our shampoos. It is a surfactant (cleansing...
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Questions about quality
What makes RAUSCH products so special?
RAUSCH has been cultivating its herbal expertise since 1890. The main active ingredients in all of our products are natural plant extracts that have been gently and carefully extracted using our own in-house methods. These ingredients are combined in...
Is the effectiveness of RAUSCH products scientifically proven?
RAUSCH uses the latest scientific findings to develop highly effective cosmetic products. We guarantee consistent quality in terms of scent, colour, the feel of the hair and skin, combability, suppleness and shine. Our outstanding products are highly...
Which quality standards do RAUSCH products adhere to?
RAUSCH products undergo rigorous safety assessments. When we select just the right ingredients and create our precious herbal extracts, we adhere to what are probably the highest quality standards you can have – our own. Each and every raw material we...
Are the products tested for their tolerability?
At RAUSCH, it is a top priority to be able to clinically prove the excellent dermatological tolerability of all our products. Our entire range is free from parabens, and our entire hair and styling range is free from silicone. Selected body care products...
Are RAUSCH products sustainable?
The knowledge that in addition to making use of nature, we also need to protect it, is at the heart of our principles. Sustainability affects us all. And while we are not yet perfect, we are continually working to improve. We care about making our products...
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Questions about the online shop
Is there a minimum order amount in the RAUSCH online shop?
There is generally no minimum order amount. However, there are minimum order amounts that you must reach if you wish to save on shipping costs. The shipping costs for each country are summarised under «Shipping conditions».
How do I redeem a voucher or a discount code in the RAUSCH online shop?
Voucher and discount codes can be redeemed in your basket or at the checkout under ‘Apply discount code’.
What payment methods are offered in the RAUSCH online shop?
The payment methods vary according to country. You can find a summary of them under «Payment methods».
Can I make a purchase on account?
Unfortunately, payment on account is not possible at the moment.
Has my RAUSCH online order been received?
Please check your email inbox. If you can’t find a confirmation email there, please check your spam folder.
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