General questions

What products does the RAUSCH range include?
Our range includes high-quality care products for healthy hair and beautiful skin. We believe that true beauty is sourced from nature, which is why all our products contain a high proportion of natural herbal substances, extracted using our gentle in...
How many natural ingredients are used in RAUSCH products?
RAUSCH develops all its products with the aim of using as many natural ingredients and as few additives as possible. In order to improve factors such as the tolerability of our products, it is sometimes necessary to use nature-identical or synthetic ...
Are RAUSCH products tested on animals?
In its more than 130-year company history, RAUSCH has never tested its products on animals. The efficacy and tolerability of our hair and body care products is only ever tested on voluntary test subjects.
Where can I purchase RAUSCH products?
Our products are available from the following sales partners:Switzerland: pharmacies, drugstores, perfumeries and department stores.Germany: pharmacies, drugstores, health food shops and department stores.Austria: pharmacies, drugstores, perfumeries, ...
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