How do I use RAUSCH products correctly?

Work a hazelnut-sized amount into a lather with water and massage into wet hair and the scalp. Then rinse thoroughly. We recommend using a conditioner or a spray conditioner each time you wash your hair.

Apply to wet hair (either to the length and ends of the hair or to the scalp, as indicated on the packaging) after shampooing; allow the product to take effect briefly before rinsing thoroughly.

Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair after washing; do not rinse.

Apply a walnut-sized amount (slightly more depending on hair length) to your hair and scalp and distribute well. Allow the treatment to take effect as per the instructions on the packaging and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Apply to a damp or dry scalp and gently massage in; do not rinse.

Apply to the affected areas. Massage gently into a dry or damp scalp; refrain from rubbing.

Apply to dry or damp hair and allow the product to take effect; do not rinse.

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