Questions about the ingredients

Are RAUSCH products vegan?
Almost all RAUSCH products are vegan. The only exceptions are our Amaranth SPLISS-REPAIR-CREAM, which contains beeswax, and our Egg-Oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO, which contains fresh egg yolk.
Where do the egg yolks used in the Egg-Oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO come from?
We use organic eggs from Switzerland for our Egg-Oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO.
Where do the herbs used come from, and what kind of farming criteria do they have to meet?
The herbs used in RAUSCH products come from growing regions around the world. Our raw materials are grown under strictly monitored conditions and selected with the utmost care. We closely analyse the quality of the herbs and check them for possible impurities...
Are RAUSCH products biodegradable?
The question of biodegradability depends particularly on the type of surfactants used. We only use surfactants (cleansing substances) that are made from renewable raw materials. This means our RAUSCH shampoos and shower gels break down very easily in...
Which sulphates are used in RAUSCH products?
Sulphates have gained a bad reputation for drying out the skin, but not all sulphates are the same – there are actually considerable differences between them. We use sodium laureth sulphate (ex coco) in some of our shampoos. It is a surfactant (cleansing...
The RAUSCH Swiss Herbal VITALITY CAPSULES look cloudy. Is there something wrong with them?
Swiss Herbal VITALITY CAPSULES are made using extremely high-quality natural oils. These oils can sometimes separate and create a visible cloudiness in the capsule; this is a typical property that reflects the product’s natural origins. It impacts neither...
Do RAUSCH products contain palm oil?
Palm oil is made from the fruit of the oil palm, while palm kernel oil is made from the kernel of the fruit. Palm kernel oil is an important raw material for creating surfactants, which are the active washing ingredient in cosmetic products such as shampoo...
Are RAUSCH products suitable for people intolerant to gluten or lactose?
All RAUSCH products are free from gluten and lactose.
Which parabens do RAUSCH products contain?
All products are free from parabens. We use organic acids as a substitute.
Which RAUSCH products contain silicone?
We still use very small quantities of silicone in a couple of our body care products (Mallow BODY LOTION and Passion Flower HAND CREAM) to make them easier to apply. In these small quantities, the silicone acts as an anti-foaming agent, which ensures...
Do RAUSCH products contain mineral oil?
We ourselves don’t use any mineral oil, but we cannot guarantee that mineral oil-based substances are not used in the preliminary stages of the production of raw materials.
Do RAUSCH products contain PEGs?
PEGs have been used in medicines (any ointment base) and cosmetic products for many years. Their use has therefore been tested and reviewed for a long time and found to be safe. Making sure our products are safe to use is our highest priority. We have...
Do RAUSCH products contain microplastics?
The problem with microplastics is that they are often not effectively filtered at wastewater treatment plants, meaning that sooner or later, they end up in our lakes and oceans. They then collect in these bodies of water and can become a life-threatening...
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