What do the products do?

Cleanses, rinse-off formula
Removes build-up and cleanses the scalp, removing sebum, dandruff and residues. Our shampoos have restorative and refreshing properties.

Nourishes, rinse-off formula
Seals the open cuticle layer after shampooing, so hair is strong enough to face the day. Prevents hair from drying out and restores its shine.

Nourishes, leave-in formula
Improves the combability of the hair and adds shine without weighing it down. The spray stays in the hair longer, protecting it from dryness.

Intensive nourishment, rinse-off formula
Nourishes and revitalises the hair from within. Our hair treatments contain precious active ingredients to keep the hair and scalp strong and healthy.

Strengthens, leave-in formula
Thanks to special ingredients, hair tonics strengthen the scalp and the entire length of the hair. They relax and nourish the scalp, add body to the hair and make it easier to style.

Concentrate, leave-in formula
Nourishes and strengthens the scalp. Highly concentrated active ingredients are delivered directly to the roots of the hair. Intensive treatment with a leave-in concentrate.

Care for the ends of the hair, leave-in formula
Seals the hair fibres, strengthens the ends and protects against hair breakage and split ends.

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