It makes hair supple and shiny after washing, and is a staple in every bathroom: of course, we are talking about conditioner. We do not use silicones in our quality rinse conditioners and spray conditioners. Silicones in hair products seal the surface of the hair. Although they produce a lovely shine, this layer makes it difficult, if not impossible, for care substances to penetrate the hair. At RAUSCH, our products achieve that shine with natural plant-based oils.

Vegan and free from animal testing, RAUSCH conditioners are also developed and produced locally in Kreuzlingen near Lake Constance and made with a minimum of 90% ingredients of natural origin. They are perfectly adapted to suit a wide range of different hair and scalp needs – from dry, stressed and damaged hair to coloured hair.

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Why should I use conditioner?

Conditioner seals the open hair cuticle after washing and strengthens it. It also protects the hair from drying out and makes it supple, shiny and easier to comb, thanks to its smoothing effect on the hair structure. Regular use of a rinse or spray conditioner is therefore highly recommended, particularly for longer hair.

What is the difference between rinse conditioner and spray conditioner?

Conditioner ist der englische Begriff für die Haarspülung oder kurz: Spülung. Grundsätzlich gibt es deshalb zwischen Spülung und Conditioner keinen Unterschied. The RAUSCH range includes rinse conditioners, which are designed to be rinsed out after use, and spray conditioners, which are applied to damp hair after washing and used as a leave-in product for improved combability and care. Depending on your preference, you can use rinse conditioner after you wash your hair or apply spray conditioner to towel-dried hair. For hair in particular need of care, you can use both products.

What is the difference between conditioner and a hair treatment?

Although rinse and spray conditioners are suitable for regular or even daily use and offer great basic care, classic hair treatments contain a much higher proportion of nourishing ingredients, such as oils and fats, for hair ends. Hair treatments are therefore designed for intensive nourishment and use every three to four washes. The two types of product are also used differently: rinse conditioners are rinsed out shortly after application, but it’s usually recommended that hair treatments are left in for longer in order to allow the hair to absorb the nutrients as much as possible.