Tiaré | What's that?

The exotic national plant of French Polynesia and its largest island Tahiti fulfils every dream of the paradisiacal South Pacific. The delicate, snowy white flowers of the tiaré (Gardenia tahitensis) are woven into the traditional flower garlands that the local people present to every visitor as a welcome gift.

Tiaré also holds a legendary beauty secret that has found fans the world over: monoï de Tahiti. In the local dialect, monoï means ‘fragrant oil’ – but only extracts that come from the island of Tahiti itself can be called ‘monoï de Tahiti’. To create the oil, the flowers of the tiaré plant are picked before sunrise and macerated in fresh coconut oil.

Monoï de Tahiti can be used on the skin and hair. This nourishing, fragrant oil soothes sensitive and damaged skin and prevents it from drying out. It is also a popular ingredient in hair care products, as it gives hair a silky shine.