Wheat | What's that?

Wheat germ comes originally from the Orient but is now cultivated across the world and grows best in temperate and warm climates. We know it primarily as a foodstuff since wheat is one of our main cereal crops. It is generally milled to make flour and is an ingredient in very many bakery products.

Wheat contains a large amount of protein that can be made water-soluble with the aid of enzymes and is therefore used as a moisture-retaining substance in many cosmetic products. So what exactly is the difference between wheat and wheat germ?

In the 1930s Dr Felix Grandel, a chemist and agriculturalist, discovered that it is primarily the wheat germ that makes the grain such a valuable foodstuff. Crammed in the wheat germ are all the nutrients necessary for the future growth of the plant and for the human body. These valuable ingredients, including protein, vitamins E, B1 and B3 and minerals are extracted from the grain before milling.