Whenever women are questioned about their hair type, roughly half maintain they have “normal” hair. About 30% say they have no problems with their hair. At the same time hair needs increasingly more care and practically every woman spends considerable time in the bathroom with personal hygiene, conditioning and styling. It is notable that only few are concerned with the state of their scalp. When asked whether they have a dry, oily or normal scalp, few women have an immediate answer. In principle they think their hair is beautiful, but is there nothing they don’t like about their hair and its care? Discover the secret to making your hair even lovelier and to ensuring its lasting vitality!

Beautiful hair starts at the roots.

Structure of the hair
Structure of the hair

The state of the scalp and the hair roots is extremely important for the appearance, shine and volume of hair. Think of it as a tree: the leaves only look healthy if the roots are adequately supplied with nutrients.  We too absorb important nutrients from food via our circulatory system to supply our hair and its roots (see illustration: Hair structure). Stress, poor lifestyle habits and many other factors play a large role in this supply process. Blood circulation within the scalp also has an effect on the lifespan of the hair root and whether new hairs continue to grow. Few people realize how much stress they put on their hair and that it is not liable to be long before one of these adverse lifestyles makes itself felt.

Care tip no. 1: The secret of scalp care

Devote some attention to your scalp – it needs to be conditioned and stimulated. Good scalp circulation ensures the nutrient supply and vitalizes the activities of the hair roots. Various activating substances such as caffeine or ginseng help supply the hair and ensure the roots stay in the anagen phase (growth phase) longer, which  counteracts hair loss (illustration: Life cycle of the hair). Even normal, full hair needs a healthy scalp. By regularly massaging the scalp with hair tonics and tinctures, you can ensure that your hair remains voluminous and strong in to old age. Besides which, such applications are incomparably refreshing: a wonderful feeling! Give it a go!


Care tip no. 2: Don’t over-care for your hair

Particularly in the case of fine hair the rule is: “less is more”. Our tip: don’t wash hair too often. 2-3 times a week is enough. Use less shampoo, lather well with water and lastly use conditioner or similar treatment. That way hair looks lovelier and cared for longer.

Care tip no. 3: Don’t color or bleach hair too often

Currently damage from frequent coloring and bleaching with aggressive, synthetic substances are a major reason for hair breaking and at worst falling out. This doesn’t happen overnight though. So it is important that young women realize now that they have an influence over the future state of their hair. Pay attention to tolerability with color treatments – if possible avoiding hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and other aggressive substances. Color your hair less frequently. Alternatively, choose coloration foam, colored dry shampoo or a vegetable substance such as henna.

Care tip no. 4: Use appropriate products and a good hair brush

Pay attention to the ingredients in your care products and familiarize yourself fully. The Federal Office of Health and Risk Assessment regularly test the quality of ingredients permitted for cosmetics (SKWIKWSCCSBSR). Those substances listed can be used with confidence. But there are also ingredients with known side-effects, which can cause allergies and penetrate the layers of skin. Here you need to be cautious and if in doubt consult a dermatologist.

Schweizer Kräuter

Invest in the future

The RAUSCH Hair Care System is tailored to the respective needs of the consumer. The Swiss Herbal CARE LINE  was created as a foundation care range which unified the complete know-how gained from 125 years of research into herbal ingredients. The products, in which the right amount of the right herbs can take effect, ensure that the surface of the hair is smooth and the scalp is strengthened and invigorated. Your hair stays beautiful and supple longer. Investing in the future of your hair is worthwhile.

RAUSCH Swiss Herbal foundation care

Chamomile is the queen of effective herbs and the foundation effective ingredient of the Swiss Herbal CARE LINE . It invigorates the scalp and gives hair elasticity and shine. Your hair gets the right amount of conditioning without being weighed down. The surface of the hair is smoothened so light is evenly reflected making the hair shine beautifully. Convince yourself of our promise of effectiveness.

Care tip from Dr. Katharina Heinrich:

Expert hint from Frau Dr. Katharina Heinrich

„Use a good hair brush, preferably with natural bristles, which will make your hair glossy without stressing it or pulling it out. Massage your scalp regularly with hair water or tonic. It is both refreshing and will ensure the existence of your hair in the future.“
Frau Dr. Katharina Heinrich