Dry and extremely dry hair – usually in combination with a dry scalp – definitely needs extra attention in order to become or stay healthy and beautiful. Especially frizzy or curly hair has very dry hair fibers and need regular and extensive care which also provides intensive protection against further drying out.

What has long been a beauty secret in Africa has only gained attention and popularity here in Europe over the past few years, namely: hair oil. Despite the fact that only a few drops of high quality oil, such as argan oil, really work (suppleness) wonders for fly-away, brittle and frizzy hair. Good things come to those who wait even here, and a wide range of hair oil products have now completed their victory march onto the local shelves. However, as with practically every oil, there are significant differences in hair oil quality. It is important to look out for a light texture, so the hair only shines and is supple and doesn’t appear oily.

No heat for dry hair

Naturally frizzy hair or hair which has become dry through incorrect treatment need intensive care. This doesn’t mean that it should be washed as often as possible. On the contrary: 2-3 times a week is sufficient! Washing must be followed by conditioning. An additional treatment is to apply an intensive hair masque at least once a week, and ideally allow it to work in overnight. A stressed scalp will be particularly grateful. By contrast it is important to avoid too hot water, hair drier heat and straightening irons. Sun and sea are also enemies of dry hair. Many a negligent holidaymaker has lost her mane to the hairdresser’s scissors after a holiday. It needn’t go that far. Hence our hot tips here for (holiday) hair care:

  • avoid direct sun, wear a cap or hat

  • kneed hair oil, special nourishing balm or treatment into your hair as protection

  • spray on products with UV-protection

  • before bathing in the sea or pool, put hair up or in a ponytail

Our tip par excellence: apply the Wheatgerm NOURISHING PACK thickly and gather hair up under a cap or hat. Protects against sun, sea and chlorinated water and conditions at the same time. In the evening simply rinse out with fresh water and the glamour look is complete.

How do I style dry hair?

Whoever wants to style dry hair, e.g. straighten or give more body to the crown, should avoid heat treatments. Even with brittle hair it is possible to achieve a perfect style and polished appearance using simple tricks. Smear conditioning hair balsam or straightening cream evenly into hair in the evening after washing. Kneed a few drops of hair oil into the tips and wrap hair (up or down) in a towel. (up - gives volume, down - makes it smooth). Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight. Finally fix the hair with a wide-toothed comb and some hairspray. With dry hair it is imperative to pay attention to styling products which don’t dry out but condition.

If you need a quick style, apply conditioning styling foam to hair. Wrap in a towel and allow to dry - during this time you can put on your make-up – then finish blow drying using the cool air setting and large diffuser. Finally, to stop fly-away hair, kneed oil or anti-frizz hair tip cream into the hair.

What can be done if hair can’t be saved?

If hair has been too badly stressed, if it’s straw-like from top to bottom and split to the ends, then unfortunately, despite many a product promise, the only thing that really helps is the scissors. Regularly trimming the hair tips every 6 to 8 weeks should be as self-evident as using conditioner. That way you avoid both matting and split ends. And even if it is occasionally a few more centimeters, don’t pine for your lovingly cultivated long hair: the outward effect of a neat appearance and the newly stimulated hair growth will surely ensure more pleasure than frayed tips and a blunt unkempt mane. You can assist the treatment with scalp massages combined with regular applications of hair tonics and tinctures. The friction stimulates the circulation of the hair roots, strengthening and fortifying along the length of the hair. In order to have healthy, beautiful hair growth with dry hair it is necessary to devote a lot of care to it. Avoid too frequent hair washing and too much heat. A balanced diet containing nuts, high quality oils and grain (e.g. millet) contributes to a magnificently luxuriant and well-groomed head of hair, which will make you look and feel like a million dollars.

Dry hair among men

The man who wears his naturally curly or frizzy hair short doesn’t usually suffer too much from dry hair. It is more likely that he will suffer from dandruff. And now the good news: the care products which help his dry scalp also have a wonderfully positive effect on his hair by incidentally supporting the regeneration of the hair root. So, what are you waiting for?  Get into those pots with the conditioners, treatments and hair oils of your nearest and dearest! Here too the proof is in the pudding, and one try out will no doubt lead to more. Why? Because you’ll not only feel the results, you’ll see them. One courageous grasp into the hair care chest will not only resolve irritating problems such as itchiness and dandruff, it will cause heads to turn in amazement and envy at your strong glossy head of hair.

One more tip: don’t hide your waves under a thick layer of styling gel. Over-use of such products dries the hair out leaving it looking dull and lacklustre. It is better to use high quality shampoos and conditioners. Besides which a few drops of hair oil does wonders. Kneed them into the hair and let your hair fall naturally. A good haircut, the right care and your hair will fire the enthusiasm of every woman.

The RAUSCH solution for dry hair among men and women!

Dr. Katharina Heinrich and her R&D team at RAUSCH have developed a hair care range after closely inspecting the structure of dry hair under the microscope. Usually the sebaceous glands are responsible for coating each hair with a protective layer of lipids (fats). If this protective layer is missing, the hair loses elasticity, suppleness and its healthy gloss. With dry hair the scalp doesn’t produce sufficient sebum. The result: straw-like, dull hair that looks unkempt. Heavily de-greasing shampoos, too hot water, straightening or blow-drying, bleaching, low-fat or unbalanced diets and environmental factors such as sun, wind and salt water can dry out hair even more.

The complete care line for dry hair from the herbal specialists RAUSCH comprises the  the , the  and the : The Egg-Oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO with real egg yolk and selected herbal oils gives new energy, elasticity and natural shine. It gently cleanses and conditions hair from the very first wash. Wheat Germ NOURISHING CONDITIONER with high quality herbal extracts such as chamomile (“chamomile” verlinken mit Kamille) and proteins from wheat germ and wheat bran provides important building blocks which condition the brittle hair structure. The Wheat Germ NOURISHING PACK is the “queen” of the hair packs. It is a special treatment with 20% pure natural horsetail extract (high level of silicic acid!) and valuable herbal oils which makes it an indulgingly intensive conditioner of a very special kind. The double benefit of scalp and hair conditioning impresses every woman who has tried it! RAUSCH’s new Wheat Germ MOISTURIZING SPRAY ideally rounds off this care line with its additional protective and conditioning characteristics as well as an irresistible perfume.

"Unser persönlicher Pflegetipp für die kalte Jahreszeit" My personal tip for the colder months: allow our Wheat Germ “Wonder” Pack to work into your hair during a visit to the sauna or even overnight. Simply apply and cover with a towel. Your hair will feel wonderfully soft, healthy and strong. In summer you can use the same trick to protect against damage from sun or sea. Important: rinse with fresh water. Guaranteed immediate suppleness and shine!