Today head lice are again becoming more prevalent, with both town and country areas being equally affected. Children and young people up to the age of 20 can become infected, but children between the ages of 5 and 11 are particularly susceptible. And head lice aren’t put off by clean, well-cared-for heads. In particular long hair offers ideal conditions for head lice to lay their eggs. Head lice are wingless insects which are only found as parasites on humans and which nourish themselves solely from blood. When they are hungry they are pale grey and when they have just eaten they appear reddish-brown to red in colour. They are about 3 mm long and have 3 powerful pairs of legs with clips. Lice can withstand a tractive force of 2000 times their body weight.


What does one do when head lice outbreaks occur in kindergartens or schools?

  • Inform the responsible persons at school, kindergarten etc. about the lice infestation.
  • Treat the infected child with RAUSCH LICE STOP.
  • Check family members for lice.
  • In persistent cases contact the school doctor or paediatrician.
  • Protect children who aren’t infected with RAUSCH Willow Bark TREATMENT SHAMPOO.
Lice comb

How do you get rid of them?

Head lice cannot be removed simply by washing hair. Nits and lice must be killed by using RAUSCH LICE STOP from a specialist shop, then removed with the RAUSCH LICE COMB/NIT COMB.

How can you protect yourself against head lice infection?

RAUSCH Willow Bark TREATMENT SHAMPOO, used regularly, is an excellent prophylactic against lice infestation. Such a preventative treatment should begin before the holidays, when many families travel to foreign countries, where parasites may be prevalent. Always have RAUSCH Willow Bark TREATMENT SHAMPOO in your luggage!



Cleanses the scalp and hair gently and mildly. High-quality distillates of willow bark and thyme oil are mildly antiseptic, giving instant, long-lasting relief from itchiness. Experience shows that hair washed with RAUSCH Willow Bark TREATMENT SHAMPOO does not get infected by lice.

This was successfully proven in tests in different schools on more than 2000 pupils and adults. Dermatological tests verify the product’s good skin tolerance.

RAUSCH Willow Bark TREATMENT SHAMPOO also has a positive effect on the scalp. It normalizes the functions of the scalp and reduces dandruff and itchiness.


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