Fine hair is usually genetic. Never the less there is a lot that can be done to make the most of the situation. But careful: fine hair needs special care because washing, combing, brushing and blow-drying are all stress inducing. Unfortunately many with fine hair use the wrong products. Too much conditioning flattens the hair, too little and it appears fly-away and dry. Fortunately there is a range of effective and helpful possibilities to remedy the situation.

Causes of extremely fine hair

Firstly it is important to analyse the reasons for fine and thinning hair. For example: a lack of vitamins and the body’s trace elements such as zinc and vitamin B (see hair loss and its causes) are often a cause. Also too much care has a negative effect on hair. Too frequent washing, blow-drying, the wrong products, too frequent straightening and colouring, too much volume-giving styling can cause a spiral effect with the hair getting increasingly thinner. The psychological stress on those sufferers is high. Most of them shy away from visiting a pharmacy or doctor, often out of pure resignation, believing there is no hope of improvement. However this hopelessness is unfounded. There is a lot you can do!

Individual analysis of the hair structure

Firstly a detailed analysis of the scalp is necessary. Is it too dry? Too oily? Can the scalp breathe? Is its circulation good? Get help from a specialist! Specialist shops regularly have trained staff carrying out hair analyses. We are happy to help you too - write to us.

Tips for caring for your fine hair:

  • make sure you choose mild and gentle products, which guarantee gentle cleansing.
  • don’t over-do conditioning or styling (even if tempted!). Too much styling and conditioning blocks the pores and weighs hair down unnecessarily.
  • don’t wash hair more than 2-4 times a week. Hair swells from too frequent contact with water and loses its natural hold.
  • if your scalp is oily or your hair gets greasy quickly, choose products which de-grease (e.g. clay and seaweed). Seaweed Often a detox product which detoxifies the scalp and restores its natural balance is helpful.
  • take a commensurate nutritional supplement to strengthen the hair roots and growth, for a specific period of time. If necessary consult your doctor (generally 3 months is sufficient to start with).

How successful is the challenge to care for fine hair properly?

It is fairly common knowledge that in Switzerland a herb grows for every type of hair. For this specific case it is mallow. Mallow extract contains high quality mucilages and vitamins, which immediately give hair volume, body and natural shine, without weighing it down. Here you can discover how, with only three products, you can give your fine, dull hair new vitality:

The  RAUSCH Mallow VOLUME LINEis an unbeatable trio, which will give your hair its desired body without losing elasticity.  strengthens hair from the first wash. Linden flower extract ensures especially mild cleansing, even if used daily. It doesn’t sting the eyes and so is ideally suited for children. The appurtenant  gives fine, limp hair lasting volume and silky shine. Here the valuable extract of the mallow flower is combined with linden buds, millet and golden root. The third partner is light-as-a-feather . Here too an active combination of Mallow and Millet is at work. Both protect and strengthen the hair structure after washing. Panthenol moisturises the hair and protects it from drier heat. Try it out!