Questions about care

Which care product is the right one for my hair type?
You can easily find the best hair care for you by using the «RAUSCH hair analysis tool».
What do the products do?
SHAMPOO (Cleanses, rinse-off formula): Removes build-up and cleanses the scalp, removing sebum, dandruff and residues. Our shampoos have restorative and refreshing properties.
How do I use RAUSCH products correctly?
SHAMPOO: Work a hazelnut-sized amount into a lather with water and massage into wet hair and the scalp. Then rinse thoroughly. We recommend using a conditioner or a spray conditioner each time you wash your hair.
Can the various RAUSCH products be used in combination with each other?
The products can indeed be used in combination with each other, meaning you can put together your own individual care routine.
From what age can RAUSCH products be used on children?
Unless stated otherwise on the label, RAUSCH products can be used on children from about 18 months.
What changes might I notice when I switch to hair care products that are free from silicone?
People often notice a big difference when they first switch to a silicone-free shampoo: your hair may appear damaged, dull and brittle. The hair structure is opening up, enabling it to fully replenish precious, nourishing ingredients such as vitamins...
How long does a 200 ml bottle of RAUSCH shampoo last?
Our RAUSCH shampoos are concentrates, which means that a little goes a long way. Of course, the number of washes depends on various factors, such as hair length. The 30–45 applications specified on the label is intended as a guide only. We recommend ...
Can the products be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Our specialist hair and skin products are cosmetic products, meaning they can be used in any life situation. They can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, unless stated otherwise on the label. As a rule, we would recommend consulting your...
Which RAUSCH products can I use during chemotherapy?
During chemotherapy, we recommend using the RAUSCH Sensitive-line with heartseed to soothe and nourish the scalp. No cosmetic product can compete with the strength of the cytostatics used in a course of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, our products cannot...
Which RAUSCH products can I use after a hair transplant?
We wouldn’t recommend applying any kind of special treatment or using any hair tonic or tincture at first. You may be able to use Sensitive-shampoo with heartseed as the scalp is very irritated. You should also make sure you leave enough time for everything...
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