Shampoos are a staple of every bathroom and often used on a daily basis. That’s why we use mild surfactants in our shampoos, to help protect the environment as well as your hair and scalp. Vegan* and free from animal testing, RAUSCH shampoos are also silicone-free and ideal for everyday use.

The RAUSCH range includes 12 shampoos to meet all kinds of different needs, all developed and produced in Kreuzlingen near Lake Constance and made with a minimum of 89% ingredients of natural origin. This means we have the right product for your individual hair type and for every specific need – from shampoo to combat dandruff and hair loss to shampoo for dry or damaged hair.

*Exception: the Egg-Oil NOURISHING SHAMPOO contains fresh egg yolk from Swiss organic free-range eggs.

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Shampoo: a practical invention, made in Switzerland

Shampoo – whether in liquid form or a shampoo bar – is a staple of most people’s daily life. Yet historically speaking, liquid shampoo is a relatively recent achievement. In 1890, German master hairdresser Josef Wilhelm Rausch founded the company RAUSCH and made his name at the turn of the century with the invention of the first liquid shampoo. Known as ‘Champooing’, this product from Switzerland went on to conquer the world. The origin of the word itself is fitting: it has its roots in a term used in northern India for a head massage using various plant-based oils and powders.

Liquid shampoos and shampoo bars for hair problems from dandruff to hair loss

Over the years, many companies have dedicated themselves to the development of shampoos. Today, the formulations of individual shampoos have been perfected and tailored to different hair and scalp needs. From dry to oily hair, dandruff to hair loss, normal to sensitive scalps, there’s a shampoo for every hair-related issue. And liquid is no longer a must: more and more people are opting for solid shampoo bars (similar to bars of soap) to cut down on packaging. Handy dry shampoos are useful for those times when you cannot get in the shower and wash your hair.

RAUSCH shampoos: free from silicone and aggressive sulphates

Yet the purpose of shampoo has always remained the same: it should clean and remove grease from the hair and scalp and also nourish the hair to leave it combable and shiny. This is precisely why RAUSCH uses mild surfactants and cleaning substances, one of which is sulphate, based on renewable raw materials that do not dry out the hair and have a restorative and refreshing effect. As well as no aggressive sulphates, our shampoos are also free from silicone. The shampoos are made in Switzerland using the highest possible proportion of natural ingredients, such as plants and herbs. They also come in eco-friendly packaging: our bottles are made from 100% recycled PET.