Dry skin

If your skin often feels rough and chapped, and if it’s itchy, tight or even flaky, you probably have dry or very dry skin. Dry skin may be caused by a condition or triggered or exacerbated by external factors, such as nutrition, stress or weather conditions. Ageing can also make it harder for skin to store moisture, which means people very often suffer from dry skin as they get older.

Dry skin requires lots of attention using the right products for intensive nourishment to supply the skin with lasting moisture. Your care ritual should include a shower gel with a neutral pH value and a rich body lotion for after every shower. We developed the Passion Flower & Shea Butter LINE, which is vegan and free from animal testing, for this purpose.

Perfectly designed to suit dry or very dry skin, our Passion Flower SHOWER CREAM moisturises even while you shower. Featuring premium quality passion flower, argan and almond oil and shea butter, Passion Flower BODY CREAM supplies lasting moisture after your shower and helps the skin resist environmental factors. Combat cracked hands with our Passion Flower HAND CREAM.

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