Quinoa | What's that?

Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) comes from South America and was a staple food for the Incas living high in the peaks of the Andes in Peru and Bolivia 6,000 years ago. It was known as the ‘mother grain’ by the Incas – but it is in fact not a grain at all. Like red beetroot and spinach, quinoa belongs to the goosefoot family.

The seeds of the quinoa plant are around 3 mm long and almost white in colour. They are particularly rich in protein and contain high levels of essential amino acids including lysine, which is otherwise only found in meat and fish. Quinoa also contains vitamin B, which is good for the skin.

Creams and skincare products made with quinoa have a regenerative and plumping effect. Quinoa extracts can also be used in hair care products. The high protein content strengthens each strand, seals the ends and creates a protective layer around the individual hairs. This magical plant also nourishes the scalp, moisturising it and soothing any irritated areas.