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Lice treatment

The RAUSCH LICE COMB⁄ NIT COMB is designed to remove head lice and their eggs (nits) from the hair on one’s head and is also used for routine lice checks of the same.


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For routine checking: Use comb on clean, well-brushed, damp hair. Carefully comb through hair, especially behind the ears and around the neck. Look for nits or lice on the comb.For the removal of lice and nits: Divide damp and well-combed hair into several strands. Comb through all hair systema-tically with the LICE COMB⁄NIT COMB. To do this take one small strand of hair between your fingers and comb through this several times from the roots to the tips. If lice or nits are caught in the comb, remove these with kitchen paper or hot soapy water.

Removes head lice and nits/eggs with ease.
Wide and narrow teeth ensure double action and double the effectiveness.
The front row of wide teeth glides through hair removing large lice and nits, whilst the narrow teeth remove the smaller lice and nits left behind by the wide teeth.

  • double row of teeth ensures thorough combing
  • anatomically shaped, slip-free handle
  • rounded teeth prevent the already irritated scalp from being scratched open
  • rust-proof steel, reusable