Greasy hair

The cause of a stressed scalp and oily hair can be hormonal, climatic, hereditary or related to nutrition or stress. Too strong degreasing shampoos can overstimulate the sebaceous glands thereby leading to scalp problems. In extreme cases it can cause a bacterial infection which leads to itching.


  • prevents the rapid recurrence of greasiness while still moisturizing
  • relieves redness and itching. Soothes and regulates irritated scalps
  • shampoo and conditioner give hair freshness and volume

RAUSCH | Consulting for greasy hair

RAUSCH | Embarrassing for everyone who has experienced it: oily hair

Many people are familiar with the scenario: shortly after washing hair it already looks lank and oily and appears umkempt. There are many reasons for a tendency to oily hair, against which those affected are usually fairly helpless. But there are ways of coming to grips with the problem. Principally it is due to increased sebum production which is excreted by the sebaceous glands in the scalp and passes onto the hair. If the glands are over-productive then the hair becomes oilier faster. If sebum production is correspondingly lower then the opposite is the case: the hair becomes brittle and split. So it is necessary to restrict the production but without de-greasing the scalp too heavily!

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Oily hair is mainly caused by: hormonal imbalance, overactive sebaceous glands, stress factors, climatic conditions, nutrition and excessive sweating. Congenital factors may also cause oily hair.