Very dry skin

Herbal Body Care

Our skin is our largest organ and is the mirror of our soul. Healthy skin has good circulation and radiates wellbeing and freshness. 

RAUSCH Herbal Body Care is the feel good experience for your skin. Even ultra-sensitive, delicate, usually too dry skin, or skin which is often accompanied by redness and itching, or following treatment for allergic reactions, should be able to feel comfortable again.

RAUSCH Herbal Body Care

  • close to nature
  • especially skin-friendly and mild
  • carefully harmonized with each other
  • dermatologically approved

RAUSCH | Consulting for very dry skin

RAUSCH | How to care for dry skin

Human skin accomplishes truly amazing things: it protects us from bacteria, injury, heat and much more. Without it we would be completely vulnerable. It is our largest organ and when things are going well for us we feel totally at home in our skin.Basically we can distinguish between dry, normal or oily skin. Sometimes, however, one person can have several skin types: the skin on the face, for example, could be oily but the rest of the body dry. Age, hormone levels and seasons are also important factors.

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