The power of herbs

The power of herbs

Whether from flowers, leaves, bark, roots or whole plants: using our vast experience, we extract the valuable natural active ingredients from herbs to harness their precious benefits for you to feel beautiful – from almond to willow bark. That is how we guarantee the lasting effectiveness of our products.


Thanks to its mildness and lipid-replenishing properties, almond oil has long been used and valued in the creation of top-quality skin care products.

Aloe vera

Rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and mucopolysaccharides. Aloe vera supplies moisture, strengthens and nourishes the scalp. Prevents the hair from drying out.


Has its origins in Mexico, Central and South America. The oil is extracted from the seeds, which contain 5 – 8 % oil. Squalene, vitamin E and linoleic acid have protective and antioxidant effects.


Grows in the Brazilian Amazon. The oil of the andiroba tree is particularly rich in fatty acids and bitter compounds, has an anti-inflammatory effect and repels parasites.


The argan tree is also referred to as the ‘tree of life’. The almond-shaped nuts contain roughly 50 % oil with 80 % pure unsaturated fatty acids, primarily omega-6 and vitamin E. The oil provides elasticity and protects the hair from heat.


The aronia berry, also known as black chokeberry, has a very strong antioxidant effect thanks to its high content of polyphenols and vitamin C.


Rich in vitamins A, E and D and minerals. Avocado oil prevents the hair from drying out and provides natural suppleness.


Rich in essential oils such as citral and citronellal. Provides a soothing and gentle effect for scalps that are flaky and reddened.


The leaves and sap of the birch tree have a mildly antiseptic effect and support the functions of the scalp. The leaves contain valuable ingredients such as flavonoids, an abundance of vitamin C, saponins and essential oils.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is most widely cultivated in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Brazil and Malaysia. Contains pungent-tasting acid amides, most notably piperine, essential oil, sabinene, caryophyllene and safrole.


Contains valuable, mildly antiseptic ingredients, mucilages and essential oils. Particularly suitable as a lasting treatment for a flaky scalp.


Has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and mildly antibacterial properties. Soothes the skin and replenishesits moisture level.


Has a calming, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Chamomile blossom extract with antiseptic active ingredients provides gentle, balancing care for the scalp, alleviates redness and prevents irritation.


Coconut oil contains a high proportion of phytosterols, triterpenes and tocopherols. As a result, the oil hydrates and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly cool.


Contains mild mucilages and sulphur, which have a slightly antiseptic, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and support the regulation of the scalp and its functions.

Dragon fruit

Originally from Mexico, it is now grown in tropical regions. The fruit’s flowers are among the larg-est in the world and bloom for just one night during the rainy season. Containing over 90% water, they have a moisturising, invigorating and antioxidant effect.


Egg yolk

Contains valuable proteins, vitamins and natural lecithin. Hair becomes more supple, resilient and shiny.



Ginseng root is a symbol of health and long life and is a carrier of the life force energy chi. Ginseng extract has a toning effect and strengthens the hair.



High in polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, which regenerate the upper layers of the skin. This oil’s high vitamin E content protects against free radicals. Phenols, minerals, trace ele-ments, lecithin and vitamin K have an anti-inflammatory, firming and nourishing effect.


The fruits of the guarana plant contain seeds with a particularly high concentration of caffeine. Guarana extract has a toning, astringent (contracting) and relaxing effect on the vascular system. Contains caffeine, saponins and tannins.


Contains valuable ingredients such as saponins (triterpene glycosides), phytosterols, flavonoids and halicaric acid, which can be described as natural cortisone (phyto-cortisone).


Rich in naturally pure silica. Horsetail smooths and regenerates the outer layer of the hair shaft. The hair becomes robust, strong and gains resilience and natural shine.


Rich in soothing and anti-inflammatory mucilages. Its extracts provide effective protection for the hair and have a beneficial effect on the functions of the scalp.


Has an anti-inflammatory and mildly antibacterial effect. Helps relieve itchiness and soothes the scalp.

Lime blossom

Rich in mild mucilages and flavonoids. Has a soothing and calming effect. Lime blossoms exude a sweet fragrance and are found in Europe and North America, most commonly in avenues, parks and deciduous forests.


Originating from Australia, the ‘queen of nuts’ is among the most expensive of nuts. It contains high levels of protein and essential fatty acids and is rich in vitamins B, C and E.


Is known for its high content of valuable coating mucilages. This gives it a soothing and skinsoftening effect. It protects fine and sensitive hair.


Contains a high proportion of proteins, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and silica (silicon), which is vital for healthy skin and hair. It strengthens the hair and maintains its natural elasticity.


This highly esteemed tea and medicinal plant with its strong, fresh aroma supplies a menthol-rich essential oil derived from its leaves, which has a pleasantly cooling and refreshing effect when used externally.


Contains a variety of substances, including vitamins, tannins, mineral salts and precious amino acids. Effectively supports the functions of the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Oak bark

Oak bark is often used to treat inflammatory skin conditions. The tannins it contains have an as-tringent (contracting), itch-relieving and antiseptic effect.


Rich in starch, proteins, mineral salts (phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium), trace elements and vitamins B and E. The extract relieves itchiness, reduces redness and has a soothing effect.

Panama bark

In combination with other valuable active ingredients, the natural, intensely foaming substance ensures particularly mild and gentle cleansing of scalp and hair.

Passion flower

Originates in Africa, South America and Madagascar, contains a high proportion of linoleic acids and up to 70 % omega-6 fatty acids. Nourishes and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.


Rich in all nine amino acids and vitamins E and B. Helps to reinforce the hair’s structure and strengthen the hair. The amino acid compounds help repair damage from the inside out.

Ribwort plantain

Contains exceptionally mild mucilages, silicic acid, tannins, flavonoids and minerals with a high zinc and potassium content. Has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and strengthening effect on the scalp.


Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary is rich in essential oils. When applied externally, it stimulates blood circulation throughout the body and to the skin and has an antibacterial effect.


Prefers to grow in mountainous regions extending from Europe to Asia. High in flavonoids and phenolic acid, which soothe and strengthen the scalp and with their active, natural anti-ageing effect.


Contains valuable essential oil, tannins and flavonoids. Has an anti-inflammatory, antiperspirant and calming effect. Disinfects and deodorises the scalp and provides the hair with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance.

Sea Buckthorn

Contains high-quality active ingredients that smooth the dandruff cuticle and give hair new, natural shine. Sea buckthorn also shields the hair from the elements.


Rich in mineral salts, mucilages, iodine and polyphenols. Has a stimulating and regulating effect on the sebaceous glands and on the metabolism of the scalp.


Shea butter is made from the fruit (nut) of the shea tree. The unique combination of fatty acids intensively replenishes and nourishes the skin and strengthens its barrier.


Rich in polyphenols and photoreceptors, sunflower acts as a natural sunscreen. Hydrates the hair and leaves it soft and supple.


Has good disinfectant and antipruritic properties. This effect is enhanced by natural tannins and helps to treat dandruff and/or an irritated scalp.


From the intensely fragrant, snow-white Tahitian tiaré flowers, the precious monoï oil, with its valuable nourishing properties, is extracted with the aid of naturally pure coconut oil.

Tiger grass

In India, tiger grass (also called Indian pennywort) has long been used for rejuvenation. It cleanse the skin with a purging and detoxifying effect.


Tobacco is predominantly native to South America, but also to Australia and North America to some extent. Its main components include cellulose and proteins, natural resin, malic acid, citric acid and the inorganic ingredients potassium and calcium.


Wheat germ extract and wheat bran are rich in proteins, vitamins B and E, naturallipids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They supply moisture, suppleness and help prevent dehydration.

Willow bark

Has an astringent (contracting) effect due to its high tannin content and soothes scalp irritation. With antibacterial and toning properties.