Egg yolk

Egg yolk | What's that?

Many foodstuffs also act as excellent hair and skincare products. When it comes to hair, eggs – and their yolk in particular – are at the top of the list, boasting a variety of beneficial properties. The little oval egg is a nutritional powerhouse that is particularly effective in conjunction with wheat germ oil. This potent cocktail of nourishing ingredients soothes a dry scalp and turns dull, stubborn hair into shiny, silky locks.

Eggs are one of our most important foods. This is due in large part to the high-quality protein found in the whites and yolk, which contains all the essential amino acids. Eggs also contain the minerals calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium, zinc, potassium and selenium, alongside numerous vitamins, which protect against split ends and hair loss.

The lecithin in eggs is used as a lipid-replenishing ingredient in cosmetics. It helps prevent normal and especially brittle hair from drying out after washing. Lecithin also regulates the skin’s pH level and supports its natural protective layer in shielding against aggressive external influences.